Jacqueline Jossa reveals plans to move house in 2021 for a fresh start with husband Dan Osborne

JACQUELINE Jossa has revealed plans to move house in 2021 with husband Dan Osborne.

Jacqueline, 28, opened up to The Sun last week about overcoming their struggles through therapy, and has now vowed they'll have a fresh start in a new home next year.

She spoke during a Q&A with fans on Instagram, and one asked: "What are your plans for 2021?"

And Jac typed back: "To move house, have a chilled January and then work work work! Some big family birthdays, and plans need to be made.

"Hopefully corona f**ks off by then."

Jacqueline spoke candidly about her marriage to Dan with The Sun after moving out of their current home for a short while back in May.

And the Queen of the jungle ­­hit back at women who accused her man of cheating with them.

She said: “Listen, you can’t stop the b****s selling stories — that is fact, I know that.

“They can say what they want, Daniel and I know the truth.

“Seeing things taken out of context was really hard, because a lot of it was stuff from the past we had already dealt with. That’s why I’ve not said anything until now.”

Six months after briefly moving out of the couple’s £1million Essex home, she told The Sun: “It felt like everybody wanted to watch me fall apart.

“I kept it in for a while, but then over lockdown it was a really good time and place for Daniel and I to go through everything — an opportunity for us to talk through it all. For me, this meant turning to therapy.

“And because of that, I couldn’t be in the same house as Dan. There was no big argument or bust-up, and there were no other girls. Moving out was literally how I had to deal with it.

“It was like when you wake up after a bad dream about someone — you need some space. That’s what it was like with therapy."

The pair got married in June 2017, tying the knot at a Cheshire manor house.

They were engaged for two years before getting married.

Before dating Dan, Jacqueline, who played Lauren Branning on EastEnders, dated her co-star Tony Discipline.

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