Is Jenelle Evans Purposefully Posting Evidence of David Eason Abusing Animals?

Jenelle Evans is back on YouTube with yet another video about her homesteading efforts with David Eason. The timing of her interest in YouTube is not surprising. After all, the mother of three just recently lost her job with MTV. Mounting legal bills and a desire to remain in a comfortable lifestyle has driven the former reality TV star to some pretty thirsty lengths.

The content of the videos, however, has fans questioning the teen mom’s motives. Is Jenelle just utterly oblivious to the outrage caused by David Eason’s treatment of animals, or is she purposefully highlighting the father of three’s issues?

What are Jenelle’s videos all about?

Jenelle has now posted two homesteading videos to her YouTube channel in the last few weeks. Jenelle’s content in recent months has mostly dealt with homesteading, but she did upload a piece of content regarding the domestic violence allegations levied at Eason in 2018.

The most recent videos consist of old footage edited together to create a montage. Each scene in the videos include several barnyard animals, the three children who used to live at the residence and even the family dog that David killed after it allegedly nipped at the couple’s 2-year-old daughter.

The most recent video posted shows David Eason and Jenelle bringing home pigs. Evans had previously shared the footage of David handingly the igs roughly in an Instagram story. t icited outrage the first time around. Now that it is featured on YouTube, fans are even more furious. While the videos appear to be monetized, Evans has disabled comments. That isn’t stopping fans from leaving their thoughts on other social media platforms, though.

What are Jenelle Evans’ intentions with her videos?

While some fans are left wondering if Evans is releasing videos to purposefully highlight Eason’s unstable nature, that seems far-fetched. The North Carolina native has spent most of her time since losing custody of her children defending her husband of two years.

The more likely explanation for her videos is a desperate need for money and the inability to read a room. Evans also doesn’t seem to have any interest in stepping away from the spotlight. While it might be nearly impossible for her to find work in Hollywood, she can upload anything she wants to YouTube.

The former MTV star’s followers must also remember that Evans apparently sees no problem with Eason’s vicious attack on the family dog. She even defended how he’s treated the family’s pigs and chickens in the past. While it would be nice to think that Evans is reaching out for help, she seems fine with David’s behavior. At least, that’s the story she’s telling on social media.

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