Inside Angelina Jolie's Paris Trip with Godmother Jacqueline Bisset: 'They're Very Close'

Angelina Jolie got to spend some quality time with her godmother Jacqueline Bisset on a recent Paris business trip.

Jolie was in the City of Lights earlier this week for a few business endeavors, including the launch of the new Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Intense with Guerlain. Jolie shot a new spot for the fragrance in Cambodia, a country close to her heart and the birthplace of her first son Maddox, now 17.

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While in Paris debuting the fragrance promotion, the actress and activist stepped out for dinner with Bisset at the world-famous Brasserie Lipp, where several authors, including Ernest Hemingway, used to hang out.

Bisset was named Jolie’s godmother thanks to her strong connection to Marcheline Bertrand, Jolie’s late mom. Bertrand died of ovarian cancer in 2007 after over 7 years of battling the disease. She was 56.

“Angelina was with her godmother, who is very important to her,” a source tells PEOPLE of the trip. “They’re very close, and Jacqueline is someone Angelina has admired for a long time. And of course, there is the connection to her mom.”

Jolie’s involvement with Guerlain comes from her late mom, who often used the brand. The actress did her first international beauty campaign in a decade for the French cosmetic brand in 2017 to honor her mother, promoting a fragrance called Mon Guerlain.

“It was a brand my mother loved, so I knew it from my childhood,” Jolie told Marie Claire about her new perfume campaign in 2017. “It spoke to her, as it does to me, of beauty, history, and quality; one of the oldest perfume houses in the world, from France, a country I love and feel connected to.”

“She was a very natural woman who never spoiled herself, never wore makeup, and wore modest jewelry, but she always had a few special items for when she wanted to feel like a lady,” Jolie added of her mother’s style.

The new film for the fragrance that Jolie debuted was filmed in her Cambodian home. Jolie has close ties to the country and continues to advocate through the Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation, named after her oldest child.

The actress launched the initiative almost 20 years ago to help local communities access healthcare and education and conserve the environment.

“We have learned so much and I think we are on the right track,” Jolie, who was awarded honorary Cambodian citizenship in 2004, told PEOPLE back in 2006.

In a 2017 interview, Jolie spoke candidly about her late mom and the influence she still has in her life, especially when it comes to her six kids: Maddox, 17, Pax, 15, Zahara, 14, Shiloh, 13, and 10-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox. Vivienne’s middle name is Marcheline, a tribute to her grandmother.

“She would have thrived as a grandmother,” Jolie told Elle France when asked what she tells her kids about Bertrand.

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“I know how much she would have contributed to their lives and I am sad they will miss out on that,” she added. “I would give anything for her to be with me at this time. I’ve needed her. I talk to her often in my mind and try to think what she might say and how she might guide me.”

Bisset and Bertrand were close friends, with Bisset mourning her loss in Jan. 2007.

“Marcheline was the most lovely, lovely person,” Bisset told PEOPLE at the time. “She worked incredibly hard to raise both Jamie [Haven, Jolie’s brother] and Angelina and dedicated herself to their happiness. She had a kind of enlightened spirit.”

The new Guerlain fragrance will hit stores in September.

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