I'm A Celeb's Jordan North is ‘terrified of everything' and will walk up 17 floors of stairs as he's scared of lifts

I’M A Celebrity’s Jordan North is scared of "pretty much everything" and has walked up 17 flights of stairs to avoid getting in a lift, his friend has revealed. 

talkradio presenter Darryl Morris lived with the Radio One DJ for two years and says that Jordan isn’t putting on his fear of heights, lifts or snakes – he really is terrified of everything. 

“Jordan really is scared of pretty much everything,” Darryl tells The Sun.

“On one occasion I scaled a 17 story building via the stairs with him because he wouldn't get in the lift. It's very very very real. I mean he truly truly hates heights and actually, I was worried that people might think that he was putting it on a bit, he was playing up to it, but what you saw with him throwing up straight away – you can't fake that!”

“The thing is though, he's terrified of everything, but he's also very resilient. I think perhaps being terrified of everything for the whole of his life has made him very resilient and he'll throw himself into the trials. He'll have a go, he'll absolutely have a go! He's going to be such good value for that.”

Viewers watched in horror as Jordan vomited out of fear before abseiling down a cliff on last night’s show – leaving fans wondering why the radio star would even enter the show. 

“He loves a challenge,” says Darryl. “He's never been afraid of a challenge. I think that he sees this as being such a great opportunity to get stuck in, to meet new people, to push himself and hopefully maybe overcome some of his fears.

"There's nothing like trapping yourself in a coffin with snakes as a way to get over your claustrophobia and your fear of snakes!”

And Jordan’s friend says that as the show goes on, viewers will see a different side to him. “He'll look after everyone I think,” says Darryl.

“You already saw him last night, helping Beverley Callard after the task. There's a great friendship brewing between those two.”

The campers won a dinner of rabbit last night, which is good as Jordan can get grumpy when he’s hungry. “In the two years that we lived together, never at any point did we actually have an argument because he's very very laid back,” says Darryl. “So while they’ll all get hangry at some point, I don’t think Jordan will be having a pop at anybody.”

Now, Darryl worries that because Jordan is so scared, he’ll get voted to do every single Bushtucker Trial by the show’s viewers. “I think it's a dead cert that he will get the most trials.

"But I think that will be good for him because as much as he'll hate it in the moment, he'll be able to conquer some of those fears like his claustrophobia and the snake stuff and the heights thing. 

“Jordan is ridiculously funny, and you just want to root for him. People are going to fall in love with him. I think he can definitely win! Jordan is absolutely genuine, absolutely real, he's so kind hearted and good spirited and good natured, and he's got a pure heart.”

Darryl Morris is on talkradio Saturday and Sunday mornings, 5am to 7am. 

I’m A Celebrity is on weekday nights, ITV1, 9pm. 

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