Idris Elba Fans Lose It Over Old Video Showing His Reaction to James Bond Movie

Idris Elba has been winning the hearts of fans everywhere since he first broke onto the scene. The English actor’s performances in the hit BBC series Luther and HBO’s The Wire are still amongst the best in television history. His list of movies is just as good, considering he has films like American Gangster and appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Recently, a tweet has surfaced that shows a younger Elba after he has just seen the 1995 James Bond film. The video is of Elba outside of a movie theater giving his opinion on the piece.

The video shows a younger Idris Elba after a movie

The tweet, which shows the video of the Golden Globe award winner, has fans everywhere losing it. In the short video, there are people who have just seen the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye. They give their take on the movie and what they thought of it. Toward the end, a familiar face appears and gives his opinion on the movie.

“He’s really good,” the future star says. “He’s got all the looks. And he’s fit and strong and blah, blah, blah. He’s all right.”

The GoldenEye film was the first in the series to star Pierce Bronson as the iconic secret agent. Previously, Timothy Dalton had starred as the main character but quit over legal disputes. Because of this, everyone was really eager to see how well the new actor played the role.

Fans on Twitter are losing it 

After the video became viral, fans of Idris Elba on Twitter started going wild. They were all shocked to see the actor on a camera acting so casually. Considering it was taken in 1995, Elba was not really known yet. He basically just began his career on television and was not yet a household name.

Fast forward to now and Elba is a superstar all around the world. It is no wonder that tweets kept pouring in, being so surprised and excited.

Idris Elba wants to be James Bond

Ever since the Suicide Squad star could remember he has always wanted to play the role of James Bond. So, the video is a pretty funny coincidence to be coming out now. Daniel Craig has officially retired as the character, so this might finally be Elba’s chance. There have certainly been rumors about a potential match-up. 

However, Elba isn’t getting his hopes up, the part-time rap artist is completely happy with everything that he has at the moment. 

“I know the rumors about Bond have always chased me,” the Prometheus star told The Hollywood Reporter. “Listen, my poor mum is like, ‘One day you’re going to get it!’ I was like, ‘Mum, I’m good, I’ve got Luther.’”

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