IACs Danny Miller definitely playing game but true character to be exposed

Danny Miller is "absolutely" playing a game on I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! – according to a body language expert.

She believes that the ex-Emmerdale star is acting up for the cameras, but his true character will soon be "exposed" by the show.

Daily Star spoke exclusively to Inbaal Honigman, a psychic and body language expert – who analysed the actor's body language in front of the cameras.

It comes after former I'm A Celeb star Nicola McLean claimed that Danny could have a game plan in order to get the public to vote for him in the trials.

Danny sparked fan speculation that he was faking sickness after riding into camp on the helicopter at the start of the show – where he vomited twice but swallowed it.

Afterwards, Danny had been complaining about being sick in the first trial – the Kitchen Nightmares trial.

Firstly, she concluded that Danny is utilising his acting skills to his own advantage in the show.

She said: "Danny is absolutely, and without a shadow of a doubt, playing a game. This is an actor, and he has full control over his conduct,"

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However, she added that the star-studded show, which takes place over three weeks, always reveals everyone's true nature in the end.

She said "But the beauty of the show is that it exposes everyone's true character."

She pointed out that although Danny is a "confident" man with a plan, he seems to be looking at what everyone else is up to in the Gwrych Castle camp.

She continued: "Danny's official pic is a classic – wide legs, strong back, broad smile. This is a confident man with a plan.

"But in front of the camera, look at his eyes – darting everywhere to see what the others are up to, lowered sideways as he's contemplating his next move

The body language whizz added that he shows signs of keeping 'secrets' by covering his mouth with his hands.

She added: "not to mention that hand-over-mouth gesture, indicating secret-keeping".

Finally, she remarked that he appears to be "contemplating" his next moves in the show.

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She concluded: "His smooth forehead from his publicity shot is gone, replaced by a furrowed brow, contemplating, studying, and making flash decisions about what to do next.

"He's in it to win it – and he definitely has a strategy."

Nicola previously told Daily Star: "I’m not sure whether Danny is already playing a game because I cannot see if you are that sort of.. if you gag a lot, if you’re sick, you’ve already been sick twice in the helicopter and swallowed it, why would you carry on saying this, of course you know you’re gunna get the eating trial."

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