'Hunt a Killer Horror: Blair Witch' Tabletop Role-Playing Game Takes You Deep into the Woods

The mystery of The Blair Witch Project is maybe one left buried deep in the Black Hills Forest, but you’ll get a chance to return to those dark woods and investigate the mystery of the titular witch with the new Hunt a  Killer Horror: Blair Witch tabletop game. Hunt a Killer, the makers of the popular mystery, sci-fi, and horror-themed role-playing games, are debuting a Blair Witch tabletop game, just in time for spooky season.

Hunt a Killer announced that it is releasing a new tabletop role-playing game titled Hunt a Killer Horror: Blair Witch, which will allow players to “discover the frightening history of the Blair Witch for themselves.” The game, released in partnership with Lionsgate, is the first time Hunt a Killer is partnering with an entertainment company on a storyline, which incorporates the Blair Witch universe into their line of horror-themed games. The game will be part of Hunt A Killer’s subscription-based offerings, granting players the opportunity to become members in their gaming community.

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