How to watch The Walking Dead season 11 in the UK

The Walking Dead: AMC teases season 11 of hit show

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The Walking Dead season 11 will be the biggest yet for the series, as it is the last time fans will spend time with these characters. Season 11 is the final outing for the post-apocalyptic drama and fans don’t want to miss it. But how can they watch season 11 in the UK?

How to watch The Walking Dead season 11 in the UK

The Walking Dead is developed by and premieres on AMC in the United States, a channel that is not available in the UK.

However, UK fans don’t have anything to fear, as the 11th season will be readily available to watch just one day after the American premiere.

Season 11 will debut on August 22 on AMC in the United States, with the premiere set for August 23 in the UK.

Fans in the UK will be able to watch season 11 on Star on Disney Plus, which has the complete 10 seasons available to watch now.

The Walking Dead has only just been added to the streaming platform in an effort to beef up Star, the home of most of their adult-themed content.

Due to Disney producing family-friendly content, in the UK Disney Plus added Star, an additional section of the service housing shows such as The Walking Dead, in a bid to keep them away from children.

Star can be locked off if parents or guardians don’t wish for their children to stumble upon the zombie series or any other adult-themed programs.

Originally Star was used to house the Fox content after Disney bought the Hollywood icon for a staggering $71.3 billion (£52.3 billion).

Season 11 is set to be the final season for the series which originally began in 2010.

The show was an instant megahit for AMC, being a cultural marvel after the first season premiered.

The Walking Dead has spawned countless spin-offs and tie-ins including Fear the Walking Dead, Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and a potential Walking Dead movie on the horizon.

While the series is wrapping up, the story is far from over, with AMC hoping to continue the zombie killing saga in stand-alone movies focused on Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln).

Rick, who previously led the series, left the show in season nine, however, there are rumours he could make an appearance in season 11.

AMC has not revealed any details about his potential return, but if he was to make an appearance it could be a way for them to set up the forthcoming movie. 

Talks began about the movie in 2018, with Andrew Lincoln sharing his excitement for the film.

In an interview with the New York Times, the star said: “Everybody thinks I’m a sociopath because I’m not breaking down at every interview.”

“But the truth is that I know that there’s something happening next year.”

Next year never happened, but the film is still in development.

The film was originally intended to be a Rick Grimes trilogy, however, word on the second and third films has fallen silent since 2018.

The trailer for season 11 first dropped in June, with fans already sharing their excitement for the final season.

One fan said: “This was Rick’s show. It would be really disappointing if it ended without him.” (sic)

“Maggie and Negan standing side by side, didn’t think I’d ever see that,” commented another.

A third added: “Man if Rick doesn’t show up for the finale or episodes leading up, this will be a massive disappointment.  Especially since we need some kind of lead-up to the films.”

The Walking Dead is available to watch on AMC and Star on Disney Plus.

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