Honey discovers Adam's affair in EastEnders?

Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) has everything she could ever want in EastEnders, what with her having recently moved into a new flat with Adam Bateman (Stephen Rahman-Hughes), but her world could be about to come crashing down next week, as she gets a huge shock.

Viewers know that Adam is having an affair with Habiba (Rukku Nahar) — something which Billy relayed to Honey several weeks back, but she refused to believe him. With a fresh start on the horizon — one that doesn’t include Billy — Honey assumed that her ex was simply trying to stir the pot and cause trouble between her and her new beau.

However, Billy’s words may well come back to haunt her in the coming episodes, as Adam and Habiba reignite their romance once more.

After Mariam’s (Indira Joshi) potential partner for Habiba proves to be a bad match, Adam admits to the young woman that seeing her with another man made him incredibly jealous. As a result, he promises that he’ll end things with Honey once and for all.

Meanwhile, poor unsuspecting Honey is more excited than ever for the future, and a conversation with Linda (Kellie Bright) results in her thinking that wedding bells could be in her near future.

Her happiness is short-lived as, after discussing weddings with Whitney (Shona McGarty), she realises that she’s misplaced the shop keys. Stacey (Lacey Turner) suggests that it might be worth checking the CCTV, so Honey seeks out Adam for his assistance in doing so.

However — unbeknownst to her — he’s in bed with Habiba!

Later, Honey gets a shock — but just what is it that leaves her speechless?

Will she finally discover what Adam’s been getting up to behind her back?

One to watch: Tuesday 9th July at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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