Handmade on Channel 4 viewers distracted by tragic entries: Not impressed!’

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Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker viewers tuned in for the second episode of the new Channel 4 carpentry challenge series last night. This week the woodworkers had to create a doll’s house, with just two days to complete the intricate designs the judges expect. However, this week’s immunity challenge has left viewers distracted by the entires on show.

This week saw the contestants take on a very different challenge as they got their hands dirty crafting the perfect doll’s house.

The houses were less than traditional, ranging from Bond villain bunkers to Scarface-inspired 80s mansions.

Yet, it was the immunity challenge this week that caught the viewers’ attention, with the contestants challenged to produce a perfect dovetail joint.  

This is an intricate joint, but one all skilled carpenters should be familiar with, at least this is what viewers seem to think.

Once the challenge got underway, fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the wavering results of the task.

@Yeti_Esq wrote: “Are these people proper carpenters? #BritainsBestWoodworker.”

“I mean if only two people finish the challenge it’s a glaring sign that you didn’t give enough time to do it properly,” @choctopus added.

@dwangeddy commented: “This is tragic #BritainsBestWoodworker.”

@0dB57156864: “I’m sure a dog could chew out better dovetails with a rudimentary plan.”

“Mallet boy needs to step back and drink some cool-aid,” @dwangeddy posted.

Adding: “This is GCSE level woodwork… not impressed to be fair.

“We did dovetailing at school-aged about 12,” @dwangeddy shared.

Ultimately, it was Billy who won for his dovetail, though he was new to it as well.

Only two of the contestants finished a dovetail as instructed on time, but all of them struggled with the challenge.

Now that Billy has won the challenge, he is safe from leaving the competition this week.

@NiadhOCleichin wrote: “Billy’s dovetail tight as a drum, what a lad.”

@PAUL_LymerSWFC added: “Good effort Billy! Dovetail joints look hard as f**k to do #Handmade.”

For his doll’s house, Billy constructed a large rustic farmhouse.

He wanted it to look as traditional as possible, but he admitted he needed to “raise his game” next week if he wanted to remain in the competition.

Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker continues November 4 on Channel 4 at 8pm.

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