Gwen Stefani's ex Gavin Rossdale 'wants to talk man-to-man' with Blake Shelton after they clash over 'co-parenting' sons

GWEN Stefani's ex Gavin Rossdale "wants to talk man-to-man" with the pop star's new husband, Blake Shelton.

Gavin and Gwen have clashed over "co-parenting" her sons, and now he wants to "lay down some ground rules."

A source tells OK! Blake, who has become stepdad to Gwen and Gavin’s sons, Kingston, 15, Zuma, 12, and Apollo, 7, “is super excited about it, but Gavin wants to lay down some ground rules."

Insiders said of Gavin: “He’s gotten ticked off at Blake in the past for seemingly overstepping his bounds, and is ready to make it clear he has final authority with the boys.”

He “also wants to make it clear that badmouthing him in front of the kids won’t be tolerated," the source added.

The source went on: “Gavin would like to say his piece sooner rather than later.

“Gavin may still be on rocky terms with Gwen, but he’ll always be a part of those boys’ lives.”

Blake and Gwen married just days ago in Oklahoma.

Last April, Gavin opened up on the struggles facing parents with split custody, admitting then he hadn't seen his children in nearly two weeks.

The Bush frontman told SiriusXM, the Los Angeles lockdown meant the kids were with their mom, sharing: "They went to Oklahoma and they're on a ten-thousand-acre ranch, and I think it's ok for now, but it's a real big dilemma for parents and kids with split custody."

"You're mindful of them. I know who's around me and know who's bringing the corona – no one – but you send your kids out and now they're coming back to you and now you're prone to whoever they're with, so it's a tricky one with all divorced parents," he said.

The 54-year-old added: "I miss them, and they should be back. I have them the first week and then I haven't had them for ten or 11 days, and that's a long time, normally I have them every five days or something."

"At first you could be selfish, 'cool, play that guitar more'," he joked, "but now I'm like, 'I prefer it when they're around'."

Blake also told Today last summer he's aware of how much influence he has over the boys.

He said: "That’s a scary moment for me because it’s one thing for me to be with the kids all the time and be their buddy, but you do have to consider after a while that they start to listen to things that you say and there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with that."

Blake added during the pandemic, the family had also finally found time to do all the "things that I wished I had time to do for the last 20 years.

"That's literally stupid things like pick blackberries. We grew a garden, grew several acres of sweet corn."

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