Grey's Anatomy Season 17 reunites Meredith with OG character

***Warning: This article includes spoilers about Grey’s Anatomy Season 17***

Grey’s Anatomy promised the Season 17 premiere would leave fans speechless and that’s exactly what happened when Patrick Dempsey made his shock return as Derek Shepherd.

You read that right, McDreamy returned and viewers completely lost their minds with joy.

The season premiere threw us right into the height of pandemic as all our favorite doctors tried to cope with the impact it was having on Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

As many fans feared, Covid-19 appeared to hit one of the doctors as we saw Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) collapse in the parking lot.

Does she have coronavirus? Is she just exhausted and overwhelmed? Has the stress of the situation unearthed another health issue?

Fans will have to tune in to find out the answer, but one light at the end of this tunnel is that fact Meredith is having hallucinations about her dead husband Derek.

The character was heartbreakingly killed off in 2015 and life has never been the same since, so it is no surprise that fans went wild when Patrick appeared on screens in the final 30 seconds of the episode.

One delighted fan wrote: ‘@EllenPompeo with one minute of you and @PatrickDempsey fixed all of our depression and also 2020. They power you both hold.’

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