Grantchester: Tom Brittany says Wills next relationship will come crashing down

Grantchester: Kacey Ainsworth confirms series 7 is filming

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Grantchester’s Will Davenport (played by Tom Brittany) opened himself up at the end of season five. Season six has been following a new, liberated, Will, one that is pouring himself into his work and is excited about the future. But fans are keen to know about Will’s love life in the ITV series and sat down with Brittany and Geordie Keating star Robson Green about season six.

The first two episodes of season six have already aired and it has reintroduced fans to the beloved characters of Will and Geordie.

After having been first introduced in season four, Will has quickly become a fan-favourite, with his emotional arc over the last three seasons representing the biggest change for the show.

Season five saw Will break his celibacy, something he was struggling with over the last two seasons.

So far in season six, it seems to have changed him for the better, accepting himself in a new way and keen to be the vicar Grantchester needs.

Now that Will is more open, fans are keen to know about his next budding romance, with Tom Brittany recently sharing some details on what to expect.

Speaking to and other outlets, Brittany shared that Will’s romantic life will not be easy throughout the season.

“I don’t know how much can I say I, I mean, so I’m sexually liberated!

“And the minute I suddenly start to relax at this holiday park and I maybe think that there’s a girl that I have feelings for, it all comes crashing down in quite a dramatic fashion.

“I think that maybe puts me off with the idea for a bit, I’m trying to think of how much I can say about my romantic storyline.”

Fans got to see Will and Geordie enjoying a much-needed break at the holiday park during the pilot episode of season six.

Will’s relationship status remains ambiguous but there is undoubtedly more than meets the eye for him throughout the sixth season.

It isn’t just Will dealing with relationship problems, as Geordie is also going through a tough time with his wife, Cathy (Kacey Ainsworth).

“It’s an intense series,” Green explains, “it’s incredibly powerful, probably one of the most powerful so far.

“That’s why I think it’s so popular, it has the truth, and the grit, and the depth and colour and the light and shade of this series makes it.”

The adventures of Will and Geordie are set to continue beyond season six, as the seventh season is already in development.

How the next season will play out remains to be seen, though Will’s continued love life will be further explored there.

The exact plot details remain to be seen, though Will is likely to go through the most significant changes throughout season six.

ITV is keen to keep the momentous success of Grantchester going, with the seventh season’s development a bid to catch up on lost time between seasons five and six. 

Much like many other shows, Grantchester suffered numerous setbacks caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

This led to a delay in the initial release date for season six, yet, as the seventh outing is filming now the show looks to be back on track.

With Grantchester fast approaching the 1960s, Will’s liberation is likely a sign of what is to come for the show in general.

Grantchester season six airs Fridays at 9pm on ITV.

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