Gordon Ramsay revealed as host of new 'high-stakes' BBC game show called Bank Balance

GORDON Ramsay is to host a new "high-stakes" BBC game show called Bank Balance.

The potty-mouthed chef – who once swore 243 times during one TV show -is taking on a new challenge as he fronts a game show that has nothing to do with food.

The Sun revealed he was in talks about the new opportunity, which was dreamt up by Gordon’s own production company, Studio Ramsay, which is behind a string of other shows starring the chef.

Gordon said: "This is going to be truly epic. It is such an intense game with so much jeopardy to win big and lose even bigger, where the difference between failure and success is always in the balance.

"I'm so happy to be working with the fantastic team at the BBC and cannot wait to get in the studio and start stacking those gold bars!"

Bank Balance will be one of several shows Gordon works on in the UK in the coming year after focusing on his booming career in the US.

A TV insider said: “This is a big, glitzy, prime time project which isn’t his normal type of show, but that’s just the point.

“Viewers would be curious to see how fiery Gordon performs as a gameshow host and tune in to see if he gets frustrated with the contestants in the same way he did with competitors on Hell’s Kitchen.

“The creators hope this will be a concept similar to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? which can be sold around the globe.

“And Gordon’s international profile will certainly help make that easier.”

Hi production company's list of hits includes ITV’s Gordon, Gino and Fred: American Roadtrip, Uncharted for the National Geographic Channel and Matilda And The Ramsay Bunch for the BBC.

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