Goggleboxs Linda McGarry says husband Pete was her life in moving tribute

Wife of Gogglebox's Pete McGarry, Linda McGarry, has said that the star was a "lovely man" and that she spent the last 25 years "day and night" with him.

The pair who starred on Channel 4's Gogglebox, with Linda's son George Gilbey, were always a firm fan favourite on the show.

In an interview with The Sun, Linda said: "Pete was a lovely man and I was so lucky to have him for 25 years.

"I said to him, ‘We’ve not only been 25 years, it’s been day and night with each other.' He was my life."

The family first began appearing on Gogglebox in 2013, and although they took a break from the show in 2014, the Clacton couple returned two years later and remained part of the cast until recently.

On Monday, it was confirmed that Pete had passed away over the weekend and Linda also said that Pete had been diagnosed with bowel cancer earlier in the year.

She also shared that fans had flocked to send their condolences and one message really struck an emotional chord with her.

When sharing what the kind ode was, she said: "Ordinary people won’t be remembered, but we’ll remember Pete forever – like the pyramids".

Linda said she thought the message about the 71-year-old was "beautiful".

She also explained how close Pete and her son George were and revealed how upset he is over the loss.

She said: "Him and George really loved each other, George is really cut up."

Pete was known for his comical banter on the show and for often caringly mocking his wife.

She also admitted that his attitude was the same in real life as it was on the nation's screens.

She added: "He was always taking the mickey out of me on the show.

"And he was like that to the end."

"When he was really ill I asked him if he wanted me to sing to him and he wailed ‘Nooooo'."

According to Linda, Pete originally started out as a shy person but grew to love the ounce of fame and limelight that came from the show.

The couple never had children together, but did separately, with Linda having George from a previous relationship and Pete having two daughters with his first wife Sue, who passed away.

The doting pair also fostered over 100 children, many of which she had received heartfelt messages and support from following Pete's passing.

Linda said many of the children were like "kids of their own" and expressed that all the kids were very close as an extended family.

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