GMB viewers gobsmacked as guest’s real age is revealed to be 83

Good Morning Britain viewers were stunned when guest Dr Miriam Stoppard’s age was revealed on the show on Tuesday, as they were convinced she looked so much younger.

Presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard welcomed the two guests on the ITV breakfast show today to discuss a topical issue of whether people over 70 should be able to continue driving or be required to retake their test.

Medical professional, author and presenter Dr Miriam Stoppard has been in TV for many years, and she appeared via video link to discuss the issues at hand.

Legendary TV presenter Johnny Ball, who is also Zoe Ball’s dad, rounded off the debate.

Due to the nature of the debate on age, both Ben and Susanna launched into their questioning of the guests by asking them how old they are.

Directly acknowledging the awkward topic of asking someone live on air their age, the hosts apologised for needing to be a "little bit rude", as they discovered Miriam was 83.

"I’m 84 in a month, and a few weeks ago I had my driving license renewed. I thought what are the DVLA doing?

"They don’t know if I’m safe to drive," the horrified guest declared, as Susanna raised her eyebrows to learn of the doctor’s age.

"Wow," she said, and viewers flocked to Twitter to share their shock.

"#GMB Jesus what's happened to Miriam Stoppard never recognised her…" one person commented.

After Johnny Ball revealed he is 82, another wrote: "Mad to think these two are the same age.. #GMB."

"Wow, @MiriamStoppard looks great at her age! @GMB #gmb," a third praised.

While a fourth said: "Can I just say though Dr Miriam Stoppard wow can I have what she’s having."

"My thoughts exactly. She looks at least 20 years younger!" a fifth added.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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