GMB star calls out host Charlotte Hawkins on-air for major Hollywood blunder

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Good Morning Britain host Charlotte Hawkins was called out by her co-star for not knowing what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is all about.

Charlotte hosted the show with Robert Rinder, known for his role as Judge Rinder, and the duo welcomed entertainment reporter Richard Arnold.

Arnold had a segment on the new Marvel spin-off series She-Hulk: Attorney At Law and unexpectedly called out Charlotte as he introduced the show.

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Richard began: "Wandavision became Disney+'s first TV spin-off in the Marvel Cinematic Universe last January. Fast forward a year and a half, they're about to drop their eighth. For those of you who don't have a clue what the MCU is – Charlotte…."

Charlotte could be heard scoffing off screen after she had been rumbled and Richard also laughed before he moved on.

Arnold then excitedly showed viewers a preview of the upcoming series but some fans were not impressed.

Many took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new project and didn't hold back with their brutal comments.

One wrote: "The mixing of Bruce [Banner] with his Hulk persona was such a stupid idea. They just turned him into a joke character, his personality completely changed. He went from intelligent Bruce to stupid mixed Hulk."

Another one said that the series "looked shocking," while another joked that it "looked like Shrek gone wrong".

Richard explained that the MCU started "back in 2008 with Robert Downey Junior's Iron Man" and Wakanda Forever will be the next instalment to the franchise.

He called it "unbelievable" that the upcoming film will be the 30th movie in the MCU, which only began 14 years ago.

As the segment ended, Richard pulled out a pair of giant green Hulk Hands, which were originally released as part of the promotion for the 2003 film.

As he put them on he turned to Charlotte and jokingly swiped: "I've seen the state of your cuticles, love!"

Hawkins then asked if they "would suit her" before Richard offered them to Robert as "something for the weekend".

Rinder then confessed that he had "nearly bought some MCU Top Trumps" but reconsidered after he saw his friend Benedict Cumberbatch on one of the cards, who plays Doctor Strange.

Richard deciphered who Robert meant by "friend" and exclaimed that "of course" it was the Sherlock actor.

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