Gemma Collins and James Argent reunite for a flirty dinner three months after their split

GEMMA Collins reunited with her ex-boyfriend James Argent for a flirty dinner last night.

A source exclusively tells The Sun Online that Arg has fallen back in love with Gemma's sweet 'candy' after three months apart.

"Arg confessed he’s so in love with her and wants to be with her forever," a source tells The Sun Online.

The on/off couple got back together at Circolo Popolare in London for a slap-up meal on Thursday ngiht.

Gemma was with her nephews when she met Arg for a family meal.

They looked close and had a raucous time laughing and chatting just like old times

"Gemma was with her nephews and they entered the restaurant together, while Arg was already there and they went to join him at the table," a source told the Mirror.

"At first she sat next to Arg but they later swapped and sat opposite each other with her nephew between them.

"They looked pretty close and were having a good time together.

"Arg was laughing and chatting with Gemma and her family."

Gemma was left heartbroken in July after Arg told her he wanted an open relationship.

Speaking to The Sun Online, a source explained: "Arg went to Spain and he told Gemma that he wants to go back there forever and be in an open relationship like Jada and Will.

"Gemma is completely shocked and has been left absolutely heartbroken, especially after sticking by him for so long.

"Gemma feels like she’s done everything she possibly can to help Arg but enough is enough. He said that he wants to stay in Spain for good which is worrying as he is known to have suffered relapses there in the past."

The pair have had a rocky on/ off relationship for the last three years, having suffered several high-profile break ups in the past.

Their relationship famously started back in 2012 when the two were Towie co-stars.

Soon after, James ditched GC for Lydia Bright but it wasn't long before he went back to Gemma.

The couple then got back together in 2018, split in July and made up in August, but all of that lasted until February 2019 when they split up once again.

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