Game of Thrones: Jon Snow’s true struggle to kill Daenerys revealed in axed scene

Game of Thrones fans will remember Jon Snow’s (Kit Harington) battle with the decision of whether or not to kill Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) after she turned dark and slaughtered soldiers and civilians alike in the King’s landing fire. However, it seems his moral battle took him right to the door of the throne room.

Now, sketches from the book The Art of Game of Thrones have shown that a key scene was axed from the finale.

The uncovered note may provide some satisfaction to those who thought the murder was too ruthless.

One of the main criticisms was Jon’s decision to kill the Mother of Dragons was not conflicted enough.

Should the scene have aired, fans would have seen Jon’s moral struggle play out on screen as the character contemplated losing his love for the good of the people.


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In a scene that never made it to screens, Jon was seen travelling through the ruins of King’s Landing before meeting up with his aunt and lover Daenerys.

The scene’s caption in the book reads: “As Jon heads into the Red Keep, struggling with a choice only he can make, he comes upon a huge pile of snow that reveals itself as a sleeping Drogon.

“Recognising Jon Snow, Drogon allows him to pass through the door that leads to the throne room… Unsullied soldiers guard below.”

Moreover, the scene would give more explanation to Drogon’s reaction to the death.

Naturally, the Dragon was enraged to see his mother murdered at the hands of her own family.

However, it was he who allowed Jon to enter the Red Keep.

Fans will remember the scenes that saw Drogon enraged by the shock death as he set fire to the Iron Throne, just missing Jon.

Could he have been the one to stop Jon?

Meanwhile, fans have spotted a plot hole in the death scene that did make it on to the show. 

Reddit user bytheninedivines took to the site to ask: “If the dragon flew away with Daenerys’s body, how did they know that Jon stabbed her?”

Floods of theories poured in about how Jon Snow’s fate came to be.

Fans will remember Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) and a number of others calling for Jon’s death before he was exiled to the Night’s Watch.


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But how did they find out it was Jon that killed her?

One fan suggests Daenerys’ followers were summoned to the Throne room after hearing Drogon’s cry in a scene that was never shown.

The user commented: “I’m assuming they heard Drogon’s cry, and when they got there and saw a pool of blood on the ground and tears in Jon’s eyes with no Dany,

“Drogon, or throne, it’s kinda obvious something happened at that point.

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