Four in a Bed host blasts guests for being harsh with hygiene worry

Four in a bed: Owners serve up a DIY breakfast

During the third outing of this week’s Four in a Bed, Rob invited the other guests to his Nottinghamshire glamping site which was complete with a vineyard. While the views out of the sleeping pods were remarkable, the host was left feeling disheartened over feedback he deemed “very harsh”. 

For Wednesday’s instalment of the Channel 4 show guests Jana and Emily as well as Charlotte and Donna and Karlie stayed the night at Wolds Wine Estate. 

The group headed into the fields to learn about Rob’s wine, with everyone noting how “passionate” he seemed about the vineyard. 

“The vineyard must come first as that is what makes us a tourist attraction here, but the glamping pods obviously support that,” Rob explained. 

The guests tried different wines before heading back to the pods for a night’s rest. 

After eating her full English breakfast the following morning, Karlie said: “I absolutely love having breakfast alfresco. 

“The sun is out, the birds are singing and it is so nice.” 

While the guests were in awe of the breakfast which was made from local produce, they noticed Rob had missed out on the finer details of life as a B&B owner. 

All of the guests agreed he’d “missed quite a lot” of elements he could have incorporated in the pods such as shampoo, soap and shower gel. 

After everyone left, Rob read the feedback from the other guests and while he received 10s for his hosting ability, he was marked down for hygiene. 

One reviewer noted how shower gel was missing in the bathrooms but Rob thought “it is something people do pack themselves”. 

Another guest gave Rob a five for the cleanliness of his accommodation which he branded “very harsh”.

Rob was also criticised for not having Wifi but insisted he would be looking into it in the future. 

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Viewers took to Twitter during the episode, with Tina penning: “#Fourinabed How many times do we have to say it… It’s not up to them to provide your shower gel and shampoo! Everyone uses different ones for a starter…” (sic) 

However, Matt said in response: “I always take my own #fourinabed.” 

David added: “He’s dismissive of some of the valid feedback #fourinabed.” 

Four in a Bed continues tomorrow at 5pm on All4 and Channel 4. 

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