Fire Country fans ‘in tears’ after emotional Bode and Jake hug

Fire Country: CBS releases trailer for latest episode

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Bode Donovan (played by Max Thieriot) has been butting heads with Jake Crawford (Jordan Calloway) ever since he joined up with the California Fire Department at the start of Fire Country’s first season. Now the first outing of the popular new CBS drama is half over, fans were thrilled when the pair finally put their differences aside for the time being.

Viewers tuned in to one of the most emotional episodes of Fire Country so far on Friday, You Know Your Dragon Best.

In this outing, tensions are still running high between Bode and Gabriela Perez (Stephanie Arcila) after they shared a kiss last episode.

Unfortunately, Bode’s mind was mainly focused on his feud with Jake, the ex-boyfriend of his deceased younger sister, Riley (Jade Pettyjohn).

Jake was also conflicted, as he finally found the courage to tell Bode he is also a match for his mother Sharon’s (Diane Farr) kidney transplant.

Bode was convinced his mother would choose Jake over him as he has no criminal record, is in perfect health and has no history with drugs.

However, Gabriela assured him she didn’t think this would be the case, and Jake and Bode eventually decided to try and put their differences aside.

After being all but sworn enemies over the course of the season so far, the pair had Fire Country fans reaching for the tissues when they hugged it out at the end of the episode.

Once the emotional episode concluded, @AnnzB tweeted: “Ugly crying at Jake and Bode finally hugging. Ugly crying at Bode enjoying his birthday with his friends.”

“Ugly crying at how happy Bode was about the fire tradition for birthdays. Ugly crying how the Leones brought a cake and were happy for Bode enjoying his day.”

@GirlInTx1 said: “Jake and Bode have me crying that was such a great episode.”

Tommy Geraci wrote: “Oh, man, Bode has got me crying now….”

@ladysnightpod posted crying emojis and love hearts, exclaiming: “See, this is the Jake and Bode friendship I have been wanting!”

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“This hug means everything. Like I know they still have a ways to go but it feels like they are starting over.”

“That hug between Bode and Jake did it for me. Like yeah, look at my boys!” @DontWorryAboutV said appreciatively.

And @Twirl4meK added: “FINALLY Bode and Jake get their first bromantic moment.”

Although they both have a long way to go, fans are hopeful Jake and Bode will start becoming close friends from here on out.

In a heartfelt confession, Bode admits to Jake his life has already taken a downturn and that their feud won’t help him pick it back up.

“My life’s hard enough,” he says. “I shouldn’t do anything that’s going to jeopardise all the progress I’ve made.

“So, if you’re game, and my mum’s still okay with it, you should be the donor. I made this about me, thinking I needed this to make up for my past mistakes.

“But my mum’s all I care about. I just want her to live. Doesn’t matter who saves her.”

Bode thanked Jake, to which he said, “Always brother”, and several viewers couldn’t help shedding tears as the episode closed on an uplifting note for the two new friends.

Fire Country season 1 continues Fridays on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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