Farrah Abraham Apparently Has Strong Political Opinions

President Donald Trump has a fan in Farrah Abraham. The former reality TV star commented on one of Trump’s tweets, and she was apparently happy to hear that “the Democrats” lost big. The video clip of Trump’s speech was directly related to the Mueller hearing. Aside from being a fan of the current president, Abraham has admitted that she’d like to be president if given the opportunity.

Farrah Abraham apparently hates Democrats

Abraham is apparently “over” a lot of things. She’s over her former co-stars and their legal troubles. She’s over the entire Teen Mom OG franchise, and now she’s apparently “over” Democrats wasting everyone’s time.

As a staunch proponent of President Trump, Abraham was spotted commenting on one of his most recent tweets, according to Pop Culture. In the tweet, the POTUS shared a video clip of his thoughts on the Mueller hearing. In the clip, he claims that the Democrats had been dealt a huge blow. He goes on to say they were set up to lose big in the upcoming election.


Abraham commented to show her affinity for our current president and then went on to note that she believes all Democrats are a “waste of space.” The comment isn’t the first of its kind from the former reality TV star. She is a huge fan of President Trump. Not only would she want to dine with the 73-year-old POTUS, but she’d be willing to switch places with him for a day.

This isn’t the first time the former reality TV star haspraised President Trump

Abraham has expressed her political views in the past. She has always been all for President Trump and regularly tweeted her approval via social media. In 2016 she showed support for the now-president’s campaign in a vulgar Instagram post. She decided to utilize one of President Trump’s most controversial soundbites.

In 2017 she took to social media to share her thoughts on President Trump’s inauguration, noting that she was ecstatic to see the first businessman become president. She later claimed her businesses were doing “better than ever” after President Trump took office. In the summer of 2018, the adult entertainment star shuttered her yogurt shop and several other retail businesses. She was later sued for back rent.

Abraham has an interest in politics

Apparently, Abraham isn’t satisfied with merely admiring ourcurrent president; she allegedly has an interest in politics. In fact, themother of one has thought about what her platform would be and exactly what shewould focus on if she became the leader of the country.

According to Wonderwall, Abraham would focus on figuring out how to make things simpler for young mothers. She also reported that she’d like to see safety laws become stricter. Abraham didn’t elaborate on what she would do to accomplish those things, though. She admitted that she wasn’t particularly educated in the political process, nor did she know how long it would take her to get things up and running.


Long before Abraham thought about what she would do if she became president, she was ready and willing to take on Trump’s previous gig – host of Celebrity Apprentice, according to OK! Magazine. Abraham has long fancied herself a businesswoman and believed her reality TV background would have made her a perfect replacement.

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