Facebook Watch To Launch Interactive AI Reality Series ‘Rival Peak’ With Aftershow Hosted By Wil Wheaton

Facebook Watch is set to premiere Rival Peak, its first interactive AI reality series, along with a weekly aftershow hosted by Wil Wheaton. Rival Peak, from dj2 Entertainment, Pipeworks Studios, and Genvid Technologies, will launch on Wednesday, December 2 on the platform.

“You’ll be tempted to call it a ‘game,’” said dj2 Entertainment CEO, Dmitri M. Johnson, “but it’s definitely not. It’s a lot more.”

Rival Peak places twelve AI contestants in the rugged Pacific Northwest where they must survive elimination and solve the mystery that brought them together. Viewers can observe, help or hinder one or more AI contestants via the 24/7 character-dedicated, interactive livestreams throughout the show’s initial 12-week season. Viewers’ voting will eliminate one contestant from the competition, but not the story, each week.

The weekly live-action companion series will feature key moment from the week’s Rival Peak AI program, contestant interviews, and clues to the Season 1 mystery.

“In under six months we went from generating a concept to shooting our first promos,” said dj2 Entertainment chief creative officer Stephan Bugaj. “It’s been the privilege of dj2 and the talented writing team we assembled to deliver enough content, not to fill every minute of the feed – that’d be unrealistic – but to keep the audience invested in each character’s story and in the overall meta-narrative regarding the mystery that brought them into this strange situation.”

Pipeworks Studios, along with Genvid Technologies, wanted to leverage their proprietary technology to create the first-ever audience-influenced, persistent, global entertainment program and a weekly live-action show that would highlight and tie together key elements of the constantly evolving storyline. dj2 Entertainment came aboard to create the Season 1 storyline, the personas of the twelve diverse AI “contestants” along with their respective narratives, as well as to conceive and produce the weekly aftershow.

“This truly unique project seemed both challenging and a real fit for us,” added dj2’s Howard Bliss.

Under its first-look deal with Legendary Television, dj2 is executive producing game-to-TV adaptations of hit games including Disco Elysium and Life Is Strange. The company most recently saw success with the release of Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog, which saw a record box office opening of over $70 million.

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