Emmerdales Moira in affair twist as Chas works out steamy Nate reunion

Emmerdale' s Moira Barton ends up in a precarious situation next week, as Emmerdale spoilers reveals that her failure to disclose Faith Dingle's health condition will leave her under attack.

Next week, a daunted Faith arrives at her chemotherapy appointment, dreading the treatment that lies ahead.

The gulf between her and an absent Cain Dingle appears all the more painful when Faith sees another patient’s relationship with their son while in the hospital.

Faith tries to paint a picture of familial harmony to a patient at the hospital as she lies about her daughter Chas and Cain’s whereabouts.

But as Faith exaggerates on how great things are with her family, she is completely unaware that a hovering Wendy Posner has heard everything.

Despite feeling embarrassed to have been caught out, Wendy reassures her that she finds herself doing the same when she discusses Lee.

Elsewhere, Chas becomes suspicious when she finds a half-naked Nate chatting to Moira.

Given their history a few years ago, Chas doesn't buy Moira’s innocent explanation and is convinced that she’s walked in on the resumption of their affair.

When Moira continues to cover for Faith by hiding her whereabouts, Chas overhears her on the phone arranging to meet someone in her empty house which further increases her suspicions.

Chas is now convinced that her mum’s helping Moira rekindle her relationship with Nate and tries to catch the pair in the act.

The following day, when Chas finds Moira dressed in her robe, she bursts into the bedroom but is stunned to find Faith inside as opposed to Nate.

Desperately trying to hide her illness, Faith stuns both Moira and Chas when she flounders and explains Moira’s state of undress.

Uncomfortable to see how much her lies have consumed her, Faith’s awkward as she continues to hide her symptoms from her family and is forced to deal with the emotional implications of her diagnosis alone.

Will Faith have the courage to come clean to her family.

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