Emmerdales Manpreet to catch Meena as fans spot obvious murder clue

Emmerdale fans were unsettled on Tuesday evening, when they saw Meena Jutla play with Leanna Cavanagh's ring right before her boyfriend's eyes.

Later, she was playing with the ring when her sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) walked into the room – and fans are wondering whether the brainy doctor will put two and two together.

Meena (Paige Sandhu) prised the ring from Leanna's (Mimi Slinger) dead body on the night of her murder, taking the piece of jewellery as a token of the crime.

The newcomer shoved Leanna off Humpback Bridge when she was drunk on prosecco, with the police declaring her death as non-suspicious.

On Tuesday, Meena sat in the Woolpack with David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) and his grieving son Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) as they discussed Leanna's devastating death.

As David and Jacob had a heart to heart, Meena took out the ring – which she wears around her neck on a chain – and played with it.

Viewers pointed out either David or Jacob would be likely to notice the piece of evidence, especially as the ring had a special significance for Leanna.

Later, Meena had the ring in her hands when Manpreet strolled into the room, trying to speak to her little sister about Leanna's memorial.

Watching the scene play out, certain viewers were convinced Manpreet would catch her sister out, realising she was guilty of the twisted murder.

One viewer wrote: "I really want Manpreet to suss out Meena."

"She probably will be the one," a second chimed.

And a third weighed in: "Meena just trying to make it easy for everyone to know it was her now she has that ring on her necklace."

A flustered Meena managed to convince Manpreet to leave her room, insisting she was in the middle of changing her outfit.

Manpreet conceded to her demands and left her in peace, but the village doctor has a better understanding than most of Meena's devious ways.

Will Manpreet figure out Meena is behind the murder of poor Leanna?

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