Emmerdale’s Malone exit ‘confirmed’ as star talks repercussions in suicide twist

Emmerdale fans could be set to see the end of DI Malone, played by Mark Womack, next week after a dark moment with Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley).

The bent cop tries to intimidate Dawn after she made a police report against him, and he tries to force her to take a heroin overdose.

Malone even goes as far as pulling a gun out on Dawn to try and coax her into taking the drugs, and she breaks down in tears.

But before Dawn can do anything, someone comes to her rescue and viewers will see Malone's body sprawled out on the floor.

And while Emmerdale spoilers don't reveal his fate after that moment, actor Mark Womack has confirmed his twisted character does need to face some repercussions.

He told Daily Star Online: "Whatever it is, there should be some kind of repercussion.

"Whenever you play a part, you have to find the redeemable qualities in the character for yourself and it's been quite hard with Malone.

"It's been quite hard to find things I like. I mean, I like his single-mindedness, that's what I like.

"But there's definitely got to be some sort of repercussions."

Speaking of the dark scenes that viewers will see, Mark explained that they actually came about due to filming restrictions stemming from social distancing guidelines – but it worked out to their advantage.

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He told us: "The weird thing is, we call came back from Covid into this new filming environment and in my opinion, it focussed the storyline in a really interesting way.

"We had to change things and make them different. The whole syringe thing was born out of the fact we weren't allowed any visible contact.

"And in my opinion, it's much stronger and much darker, and it's much more interesting, more psychological and cruel, in a way.

"I've really enjoyed it. I thought the stuff we did leading up to the stuff with the syringe was really good and I really enjoyed it, it was great."

But with the dark scenes promised, what could the repercussions for Malone end up being?

And who will be the person to come to Dawn's rescue?

Emmerdale currently airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV

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