Emmerdales Kyles fate sealed as fans spot clue after his police confession

Emmerdale was full of dramatic scenes on Thursday as Kyle Winchester confessed to shooting Al Chapman.

Only recently, Kyle has been struggling with the guilt of his father taking the blame for Al's death and going to prison for the murder despite the fact he's innocent.

During the latest instalment, Kyle went missing where he was eventually found by PC Swirling as the youngster asked to go to the police station instead of home.

Later, PC Swirling arrived at Butlers Farm with Kyle as he asked to have a quiet word with Moira Dingle and Amy Wyatt, instructing Kyle to go upstairs.

PC Swirling then told the shocked mothers that Kyle had confessed to killing Al, claiming he's a murderer, and that it wasn't Cain who shot the gun.

Moira and Amy were left worried as they quickly lied to PC Swirling, claiming Kyle was making it up in a bid to get Cain out of prison and even questioned how he could even operate a gun.

However, PC Swirling didn't seem convinced by the story and warned he'd be taking it up with his superiors in a report.

Soap watchers now think they have figured out what is next after spotting a clue earlier on in the episode.

Viewers noticed that prior to finding Kyle, PC Swirling asked for something with his DNA on it, where he received a toothbrush of Kyle's.

Soap fans now think PC Swirling will use that DNA sample to test any DNA found at the murder scene, which will therefore prove Kyle is the killer.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "I reckon the police know kyle is telling the truth, asking for something with his DNA on it. When someone is missing, police don't ask for that. No doubt they would have all the DNA found from the gun already."

A different account put: "Well if PC use their brain they have toothbrush Kyle DNA but did they do forensic at time of Al death? #Emmerdale."

Another follower wrote: "Seeing as they have Kyle 's DNA , I'm assuming that's the evidence they'll have down the road to clear Cain #Emmerdale."

While a different viewer added: "So Kyle’s DNA is going to match with something in Al’s murder #Emmerdale #CalledIt."

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