Emmerdale unveil how they filmed terrifying water scenes in new behind the scenes video

Emmerdale have shared an insight into how they filmed this week’s epic water scenes with some behind the scenes footage.

The soap’s official Instagram page shared a post which showed a split view of how the cast and crew filmed the impressive white water rafting scenes, compared with how viewers saw the scene in action on TV during Super Soap Week.

The video shows crew members splashing water at the cast, making it look as though they were struggling in choppy waters.

The footage also shows how they filmed the rope bridge collapsing while Manpreet Sharma, Charles Anderson, Victoria Barton and David Metcalfe were all trying to cross.

The scene saw Manpreet and Charles fall immediately into the water, while Victoria and David were left hanging for their lives.

Speaking about filming the bridge stunt, Kevin Mathurin – who plays Charles – explained: "We were so high up, about 60ft above the water.

“When the VFX are in, it will look like the rope bridge is suspended between two cliffs but in reality, one side was attached to a crane.

"It didn't look inviting at all but the way they constructed and designed it, it looked fantastic.

“I looked at it and thought, this is my job, amazing! Rebecca was so comfortable walking across the bridge and I was holding on for dear life like a mug."

Rebecca Sarker, who plays Manpreet, added: "The bridge stunt was not only a feat of imaginative prowess but also of technical excellence.

“So complex was the set up of the bridge – it took 3 hours each time to reset it – that we as actors felt a certain pressure to do the shot justice.”

Paige Sandhu, who plays murderer Meena Jutla, recently revealed how her stunt double for Super Soap Week was a ‘muscular, 6ft man.’

She told Lorraine: “We had stunt doubles who were amazing because there was some stuff that we just couldn't do, so they were incredible.

“I actually had one stunt double who was a man. He was like six foot, very muscular, very hairy too, being my stunt double.”

She jokingly added: "And he had this brown wig on with plaits, and I was like 'What does that mean? What are they trying to say about me?'"

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