Emmerdale spoilers: Cain tortures Pete into revealing Moira and Nate’s affair

CAIN Dingle will leave poor Pete Barton bloodied and beaten in Emmerdale next week when he wrongly suspects him of having an affair with wife mucky Moira.

Cain – who’s played by Jeff Hordley in the ITV soap – is pointed in the wrong direction by Faith who, after praying for guidance, tells her son that he thinks Pete and Moira are sleeping together behind his back.

Meanwhile, the real culprit, Nate Robsinson, is delighted when Cain suggests he and Moira attend the agricultural show together.

With Moira (Natalie J Robb) and Nate (Jurell Carter) safely out of the way, an oblivious Pete (Anthony Quinlan) heads up to the farm and walks straight into Cain’s trap.

Cain knocks him unconscious and – after tying him up and beating him – Pete comes round and tries to reason with him.

Cain is having none of it though and eventually Pete is forced to reveal that it’s not him Moira’s been having an affair with, but Nate.

A furious Cain then begins to make his preparations for revenge against his cheating spouse and her hunky farmhand.

A blissfully unaware Nate and Moira wake up together in the hotel and make the most of their freedom. Which is just as well, as it will be shortlived.

Before long, Cain arrives at the hotel and the pair try to supress their panic. But what’s Cain got planned for them?

While Cain is a man with a mission, Emmerdale fans are convinced they’ve worked out the secret identity of mysterious Nate.

And they’re certain Nate is Cain’s nephew, from his equally mysterious half-brother, Nathan.

It comes after The Sun Online exclusively revealed Nate's real identity will be exposed, following a chat with Faith Dingle actress Sally Dexter.

Viewers previously speculated Nate is Cain's secret son, but now a new theory has emerged linking him to Nathan.
Writing in a fan forum, one viewer posted: "I think there’s four possibilities of who he is. He’s could be Cain’s son. He could also be Cain’s nephew.

"Zak apparently has a son called Nathan who he disowned. Maybe Nathan has sent Nate to take revenge on Cain as Zak has accepted him? There’s also a theory he’s Emma Barton’s long lost son. Or he could be working for Kim… ?‍♀️."

The Nathan link struck a chord with other members, and prompted one to reply: "I said something about Nate being connected to the other Nathan Dingle in another thread. I think that would be an interesting turn.

"Whatever the case, I’m glad Nate’s identity has been kept under wraps for now. I hope it stays that way until the reveal actually airs."

While a third chipped in: "Yeah Nate Is really Nathen Dingle Jr. Makes perfect sense."

Actress Sally Dexter teased the reveal will be “emotional and explosive” at the Inside Soap Awards.

She told us: “Yes we are going to find out who Nate really is but my lips are sealed.”

Since arriving in the village, Nate has targeted Cain by seducing his wife Moira and trying to get his son Kyle taken away.

Pushed further, Sally teased how the reveal comes after Faith thinks she has rumbled Moira’s affair – but with deadly consequences.

She added: “She’s very worried about her son Cain and her daughter-in-law Moira who she loves very much. Not everyone may survive.

“She knows something is afoot but she doesn’t know it’s Nate when she finds out [about the affair].

“She thinks it’s Pete because [Moira’s] been there before.”

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