Emmerdale reveals a devastating exit story for Victoria

Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) has been through a horrific ordeal after being raped by Lee, whose mum Wendy now wants access to her unborn baby. As things get too much for her, Victoria determines to get away from it all and leave Emmerdale for good. Can her loved ones prevent her from making a sudden exit or is this goodbye as she strives to try and move on with her life in peace?

Following the revelation that Victoria is pregnant with Lee’s baby, Wendy refuses to be cut out of her grandchild’s life and continues to be completely confident that her monstrous son is innocent of the crime. As Victoria remains hell bent on leaving the village, she and Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen) arrange for an estate agent viewing of Keepers Cottage.

However, when Wendy rocks up, Robert (Ryan Hawley) tries to distract her and keep her away from the estate agent. However, Wendy isn’t giving up and drops the shocking bombshell that she is going to encourage Lee to fight her for custody. Victoria is terrified by this project and disgusted by the injusice of it all and Diane does her best to comfort her while seething Robert fizzles with fury.

Victoria is now even more determined than ever to get away from Emmerdale for good and, determined to help Victoria financially, Diane asks Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) if he will buy her out of the B&B. But as Diane makes plans, Robert’s head is elsewhere as he determines not to let rapist Lee drive his sister away from her home.

As Robert stalks Lee at his house and watches menacingly from the distance, there is a clear indication that this is far from over for him.

But how far is Robert prepared to go? With Ryan set to depart the Dales later in the year, could his alter ego resort to murder to get Lee out of Victoria’s life for good?

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