Emmerdale pregnancy rocks village as Nicola King betrays Jimmy after cheating confession?

Emmerdale: Jimmy Kings warns Nicola he may not forgive her

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Nicola (played by Nicola Wheeler) has been kept in the dark over Jimmy’s (Nick Miles) cheating ways for some time after he struck up a romantic connection with Many Dingle (Lisa Riley) a few weeks ago in Emmerdale. However, Tuesday’s instalment of the ITV soap saw the love rat tell his wife all about the kiss which happened after his recent court case. At the end of her tether and feeling completely worthless, the mother-of-one could be set to stray after ending her marriage but will she discover she’s having a baby as a result?

The episode started with Jimmy talking to Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) and Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) about turning down his wife’s advances the other night.

They told him he needed to inject some passion back into his relationship or risk losing his partner for good.

Therefore, the father-of-two dressed up in a naval suit and set up a romantic meal in the cafe for him and Nicola to enjoy.

Having been through a rocky patch recently, the pair reminisced about how they got together and it seemed like they were getting back on track.

However, feeling immense guilt, the love rat confessed all about his kiss with Mandy and his other half was left heartbroken.

“It was days ago. The second day of the trial. I was late back for dinner and you came and found me on a bench behind the court,” Jimmy explained as he revealed all.

As the penny dropped it was Mandy who he kissed, Nicola asked: “Why Jimmy? What the hell were you thinking?”

“I was in a terrible state about giving my evidence. She came and sat with me and we had a chat and then she read that victim statement she’d written,” the father-of-two continued.

“The one about you being a family man, a pillar of the community, a good husband?” Nicola declared with angst.

“I was so grateful to hear it, she was like an angel,” the love rat admitted as he dug himself a bigger hole.

You don’t deserve me

Nicola King

Having stolen their secret moment before Nicola turned up, Jimmy said they pushed each other away seconds before his wife would’ve seen.

“It was nothing, it meant nothing,” the soap stalwart told his other half as she walked out of the cafe to get away from him.

Back at their home, Jimmy tried to save himself by telling his spouse he was “trying to be honest” with her about his betrayal.

“A kiss, that’s all it was,” the father-of-two remarked as his wife blamed Mandy for “launching” herself on him.

“It wasn’t quite like that. More of an emotional moment of madness,” the love rat explained to Nicola.

They both brought their past misdemeanours, with Jimmy stamping over how his wife had a thing for Dan when she was going through rehabilitation for an injury.

Nicola had the final say at the end of the episode as she made it very clear her marriage was over and done with.

“You hadn’t been near me for months before [kissing Mandy]. I kept making excuses for you,” the mother-of-one declared.

“No wonder you didn’t want me in court for the verdict, you cheating rat,” she added as he apologised for his actions.

“I wanted the fire back the way it used to be, I wanted to show you how much you mean to me,” Jimmy told his spouse.

“You think so little of me that you let yourself be kissed by the first woman who tells you what you want to hear,” Nicola said.

“Have you any idea how humiliated that makes me feel? Why tell me [if it meant nothing?] Why not keep your gob shut?

“Why saddle me with your guilt just to make yourself feel better?” she continued to which Jimmy replied: “Because I wanted you to know the truth.”

“Yes, and now you can hear mine,” an angry and scorned Nicola told her husband as she called it quits.

“You’re selfish, you’re stupid, you’re cruel and you’re right. You don’t deserve me and you never did. We’re done.”

As she tried to get over the heartbreak of her marriage coming to an end, Nicola could find herself falling into bed with a stranger.

Although she might have thought it would make herself feel better to get even, she could be mortified by her actions.

Realising she still loves Jimmy, she could suggest they go to counselling to work through the issues in their relationship.

However, she might discover she is carrying the child of the stranger she slept with and be left with a huge dilemma on her hands.

Will she tell her husband she is pregnant with another man’s child or orchestrate a plan to ensure they sleep together to ensure he thinks it’s his?

Emmerdale continues Wednesday at 7pm on ITV.

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