Emmerdale fans left hot under the collar as soap is filled with cheeky sex quips

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Emmerdale fans were left fanning themselves on Tuesday evening, as the popular ITV soap became positively riddled with sex jokes.

It was Diane who made the first cheeky quip, speaking to Victoria about her feelings for David on the couch after the shooting which left him hospitalised.

Diane threatened to "string David up by his aubergine" if he crossed Vic despite being in a relationship with Meena.

Later, Marlon and Rhona were cooking up a storm on the barbecue when Marlon joked to his girlfriend: "Why don't you light my fire?"

Rhona shot back: "Are you giving me permission to twiddle your knobs?", and her partner responded: "Why don't we turn her on and see how hot we can get her?"

Even David couldn't escape the cheeky curse, as he spoke to dad Eric at the hospital about Faith's inner workings.

"I don't want to hear about Faith's waterworks!" David giggled to his father from his sickbed.

Fans immediately flocked to Twitter to share their laughter at the scenes, with one writing: "Diane messing with David's aubergine!"

Someone else echoed: "'String him up by his aubergine!!' Fab one Diane!", while someone else posted: "Aubergine?!"

Another fan giggled: "Twiddle Marlon's knobs!", while someone else immediately agreed: "Rhona twiddling Marlon's knobs!"

Elsewhere in the soap, things took an emotional turn as David admitted to Victoria that he didn't feel the same way about her – and wanted to stay with serial killer Meena instead.

Vic had been getting her hopes up during the conversation with Diane, admitting: "When he got shot, he couldn’t get the words out but I think he was trying to say he wanted us to be together."

But David said he just wanted to be friends – and left Vic crying in the hospital hallway.

And fans were quick to point out a glaring hospital blunder as Vic announced that David would be coming home the following day – despite his croaky voice and inability to move much on the bed.

"Why's David talking like a dying frog, did he get shot in the neck or something?" one fan questioned, as another mused: "David's being let out of hospital even though he was shot 3-4 days ago and still can't breathe or talk properly?!"

Someone else agreed: "I always thought Weathy General in Corrie was the Lourdes of the North but it's got strong competition from Hotten! A gunshot wound to the stomach and David looks like he's ready to go and sit behind the counter in his shop!"

"48 hours after being shot, apparently David's well enough to go home? Even though he's lying there looking as though he's at death's door? Inconsistent, much!" another furious viewer tweeted.

Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7pm on ITV.

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