Emmerdale fans convinced they've finally unmasked Kim Tate's poisoner after game-changing Harriet clue

EMMERDALE fans are convinced Harriet Finch will be unmasked as Kim Tate’s poisoner after a game-changing clue.

The vicar – who is played by actress Katherine Dow Blyton in the ITV soap – had a breakdown last year after being haunted by the role she played in the death of DI Mark Malone.

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Harriet made the decision to lock herself in the cellar of the Woodbine Cottage to try and repent for her sins.

But the vicar has hardly been seen since and now fans are convinced that she’s the culprit secretly poisoning Kim. 

Viewers know that Harriet grew increasingly jealous of Will and Kim’s budding romance following their split. 

The vicar could also be seeking revenge after Kim tried to spike Dawn and warn her against dating her son Jamie.

One fan tweeted: “I still think Harriet or Dawn Taylor are poisoning Kim Tate.”

Another added: “I have a feeling it’s not the suspects and the one who is poisoning Kim is Harriet. She did suffer a breakdown, she was unhappy with Kim being with Will also how Kim spiked Dawns drink.”

A third said: “Would love Harriet to be the one who's behind poisoning Kim as this would be a great link and twist.”

However, Kim’s plan to expose her poisoner is set to backfire terribly, soap boss Kate Brooks recently teased.

Speaking to The Sun, Kate said: “Obviously we’re used to seeing Kim really strong and powerful and she isn’t always known for her vulnerability. 

“But over recent weeks we’ve seen Kim begin to doubt not only her own sanity but also doubting the people she loves most about who is trying to bring about her downfall. 

“As her paranoia reaches boiling point she will stop at nothing to ensure she catches the culprit responsible for trying to instigate the downfall of Kim Tate. 

“But as with all best laid plans sometimes they don’t always go accordingly. 

“Will Kim’s plan to catch the person responsible for all this bring about her own downfall?

"And will she end up paying the ultimate price? 

“What happens to Kim and how does her plan backfire will be the big question over the next few weeks. 

“All will be revealed. It’s laden with twists and turns.”

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