Emmerdale fans baffled by Dan Spencer 'blunder' as he makes miraculous recovery out of the blue

EMMERDALE fans baffled by Dan Spencer 'blunder' as he makes a miraculous recovery out of the blue.

Dan, played by Liam Fox in the ITV soap, was seen standing up enjoying a cup of tea as he chatted to Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw).

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Events last year saw the mechanic relying on a wheelchair to get around after he suffered an allergic reaction from a sandwich made by Brenda Walker in Cafe Main Street.

The freak accident saw Dan fall painfully to the floor as as he experienced an anaphylactic shock.

He then ended up in intensive care after becoming partially paralysed and suffering from a fractured spine.

But last night's episode saw Dan standing in Bob's kitchen chatting away and walking around freely as the pair spoke about Bob's love life with Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson).

Dan was round to pick up the keys to Wendy's car after Bob mentioned it needed looking at.

A surprised Bob commented: "Didn’t think you would be around so quick! I only mentioned the car yesterday."

"Thought I’d crack on, drop the keys off later," explained Dan.

Bob asked: "Well, don’t be too late with you? Me and Wendy have got the place to ourselves. I’m going to cook her a nice meal."

"Bet I know what’s for afters!" Dan quipped, before Bob coyly went on to explain his relationship with Wendy had not yet reached that stage.

"Me and Wend, we… we don’t… you know… well, we don’t do that stuff," Bob revealed.

The cafe worker elaborated: ""She enjoys a kiss and a cuddle, it just never goes any further."

Advising his friend to turn the heat up, Bob said: "Maybe she’s just waiting for you to make a move on her.

"Try it, later on, give her a bit of the Roberto magic – if you've still got it that is!"

But viewers seemed more interested in Dan's miraculous recovery than the content of the conversation as they hit Twitter.

One asked: "How long's dan been walking #emmerdale".

Another commented: "Since when did Dan recover? #Emmerdale".

A fan joked: "Dan fit enough to run the London marathon now then, lockdown as done him well. #emmerdale".

Referring to other characters on the show, one viewer commented on the apparent healing properties in the village and quipped: "Nicola, Jimmy & Dan – living proof that #Emmerdale is the new Lourdes."

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm.

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