Emmerdale Faiths tragic cancer bombshell leads to brutal Chas cheating twist

Emmerdale fans should prepare themselves for a tense week in the Dales as Faith Dingle's bombshell leaves her family heartbroken.

Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that the Dingle's will be left distraught after learning that her cancer is back and it's incurable.

Chas struggles after finding out about her mum's illness and how she doesn't want to continue with her chemotherapy.

Sarah is also left distressed over the thought of her grandmother not being around for her once she passes away.

This sparks fears about her own illness after she almost died a few years ago.

Chas later confronts her brother Cain and begs him to help her change Faith's mind.

Faith is eventually convinced by her daughter to continue with the chemo, although Chas is left unaware that this isn't what Faith really wants.

Later, Cain lashes out at Liam Cavanagh after finding out he also knew about Faith's cancer diagnosis.

Cain and Chas clash over Faith's decision to continue with her chemo, as Cain calls Chas out for making Faith's decision for her.

Chas asks her mum if she's happy with her decision and despite staying strong in front of Chas, Faith's mask slips once she leaves.

It becomes clear that she is only continuing the treatment for her daughter.

In an attempt to remain strong, Faith attempts to help everyone focus on the positives of her diagnosis, but Chas is left unable to cope with the tragic reality and will soon do something she later regrets.

Whilst Chas' husband Paddy is left feeling useless after being unable to help his wife, Chas reconnects with a downbeat Al and apologises for their continued feud.

The pair begin to open up to one another about their families, and Al is able to comfort a distressed Chas.

He convinces her to be more honest with her mum and Chas later apologises to Faith for pushing her towards more chemo.

The two embraces having finally cleared the air, but Chas is then left frustrated at Paddy for bringing home hospice flyers.

Chas confides in Al who suggests he could be her friend if she lets him.

Chas attempts to get Al to open up and the two begin to relax, eventually sharing a passionate moment.

The pair bond over a bottle of wine as they share stories of Faith in an attempt to forget everything that's happening.

Upon leaving, Chas stumbles onto Al and the two share a passionate kiss.

Will they keep their kiss a secret and what does this mean for Chas' future with Paddy?

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