EastEnders spoilers: Jean Slater takes drastic action after being arrested for drugs farm

JEAN Slater takes drastic action after she’s arrested over a possible drugs offence.

Jean was shocked to see Mo had left Jean a garage full of cannabis plants a few months ago. 

With Mo away on a cruise with Fat Elvis, Jean chose to deal with the problem on her own and switched off the heat lamps, hoping to kill the plants while she was visiting her son Sean.

However, Jean’s plan fails miserably as next week she’s taken in by the police for questioning over a possible drug offence. 

At the station, Jean refuses to comment on the weed found in her garage but then suffers a shock collapse.

Meanwhile, Martin discovers that his daughter Lily got the weed found in her possession from Jean – and that her stepmother Ruby knew Jean was the source. 

Martin grows even more suspicious when he notices a text on Ruby’s phone from the police thanking her for the information she provided. 

Realising that Ruby must have reported Jean to the police, Martin secretly visits his ex-wife Stacey in prison.

Stacey is shocked when Martin explains what Ruby has done and she orders him to sort things out – or she’ll kill her.

Meanwhile, a solicitor tries to get more information from Jean, pushing her to reveal who put her in touch with the drug dealer and if she wants any chance to walk free.

Jean tells them she’s ready to reveal who it was, but will she drop Ruby in it?

Later in the week, Martin confronts Ruby about why she’s been lying to him and she’s forced to come clean and admit she got Stacey sent down.

Viewers know that Ruby framed Stacey for pushing her down the stairs and causing her miscarriage earlier this year. 

EastEnders boss Kate Oates recently teased that Ruby would meet her downfall this autumn as Stacey makes her return to the Square. 

Speaking to The Sun and other media, she revealed: “So we’ve got Ruby, who Jean is intent on bringing down and clearing Stacey’s name. 

“Ruby is going to come to a slightly sticky end. That means we’ve also got Stacey’s return, who has a new friend in tow.” 

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