EastEnders spoilers: Dotty clashes with Martin Fowler as Bex and Sonia tire of his angry behaviour

EASTENDERS’ Martin Fowler is set for a new feud with Dotty Cotton after he learns of her cunning scheme to get cash.

Dotty – played by Milly Zero – has enjoyed winding up most of Walford since her return and it seems Martin is next on her list.

Of course viewers will know that it’s been a rough few months for Martin in EastEnders as he’s been at the beck and call of the Square’s villain Ben.

The pair are in the midst of a long-running feud after Martin’s wife, Stacey, smacked Ben’s dad, Phil Mitchell, over the head with a spanner. 

Ben has been blackmailing the Fowler’s ever since with the spanner covered with Stacey’s prints. 

EastEnders viewers will know that Ben hasn’t allowed Stacey to return to the Square – a move that has also left Martin in the midst of a marriage crisis. 

Martin has also recently been dangled upside down over the railway bridge by Ben and his gang in an attempt to force the fruit and veg flogger’s obedience. 

On top of this, fans were dismayed to see Bex Fowler attempt to kill herself in shock suicide scenes last month after suffering in silence for too long. 

Viewers will know that these events have left Martin at the end of his tether.

And it looks like things are only set to worsen for the family man in coming weeks. 

In an upcoming episode, it all kicks off when Dotty Cotton becomes desperate to make some money and hatches a cunning plan.

But this gets her on the wrong side of Martin when he realises what she’s carried out. 

Furious, he lashes out at her and delivers some cruel home truths – but has he gone too far this time?

Martin’s daughter Bex is unhappy with Martin’s rash behaviour and steps in to intervene.

But the tense situation only takes a turn for the worse when Martin clashes with Dotty again later. 

In scenes not yet aired, a disappointed Bex and Sonia will grow tired of Martin’s unpredictable behaviour and tell him it’s time to move out.

Martin is shocked he’s getting turfed out of the house but only makes matters worse by losing his temper.

Is the struggling stall holder in for a rougher ride in the coming weeks?

EastEnders fans will have to tune in next week to find out. 

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