EastEnders Shona McGarty reveals Whitney Dean is set for more heartbreak as she will 'love Callum forever'

EASTENDERS actress Shona McGarty says unlucky-in-love Whitney Deanis set for further heartbreak after calling off her wedding.

Last night viewers were in tears as she jilted Callum Highway at the altar after discovering he was gay.

Despite hoping she could forgive him, Whitney realised she couldn't live a life – and threatened to expose Callum's secret.

Now the actress has revealed what happens next. She said: "She 100% still blames Ben, she’s still really angry at him for ruining everything.

"She’s completely embarrassed and feels like her entire world has come crashing down."

And Shona says her character will struggle to move on from her feelings for Callum. She added: "Whitney would still do anything for him, but ultimately she’ll love him forever I think."

The barmaid was determined to go through with the marriage, but last night got cold feet at the altar.

Whitney left guests stunned as she ran out of the ceremony and was chased by a devastated Callum.

The pair had a showdown at home, with Whitney threatening to tell their friends and family his secret.

She yelled: "You made me think it was some girl from the army.
"Don't make out this meant nothing, for his sake if not for mine.

"You're gay, aren't you?
"When we are… when we're being you and me. Are you thinking about men?"

Horrified by her question, Callum denied everything and insisted they can still be together.

He said: "We can still do this. I won't even think about another man again I swear.
"All you've had is blokes you treat you bad, but I'm not like that.
"I would never ever hurt you.
"We can do this, we can grow old and get a dog."

But Whitney refused to live a lie.

She told him: "I'm not going to let you behind me. I want more, I deserve more and you deserve more. I know this is hurting you and I'm not going to watch you hurt anymore. I love you too much to let you hurt anymore."

When Callum asks Whitney what they will tell people, Whitney coldly says: "The truth" before being begged to keep the secret.

The emotional scene left viewers in tears.

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