EastEnders reveals aftermath of Ian Beale attack after he punched Tina Carter

EASTENDERS has revealed the aftermath of Ian Beale’s attack – and told how he punched Tina Carter.

The smarmy businessman – who is played by actor Adam Woodyatt in the BBC soap – was found unconscious by Sharon Watts tonight after the attack.

And while a host of Walford residents were behaving suspiciously, Tina Carter was the only who who confessed to having a physical fight with him.

Worse for her – Ian woke up and named her.

A terrified Tina opened up to her sister Shirley about what had happened that left her with a bust lip and covered in blood.

She said: “Things flared up in the Square so I followed him into the house. 

“Things got heated and I hit him and he hit me, I wasn't going to stand for it so I went for him. 

“He tripped and he fell and he hit the table. He was dazed when I left the house. 

“Supposing he left the house and went to the Vic and passed out…”

Meanwhile Ian was in the hospital waking up after surviving the attack.

Kathy told him: “Everyone's here, they're all so worried about you. Thank God you pulled through.”

But as Ian began waking up, he tried to tell her something important.

"Mum," he said as Kathy pressed him for more information.

"Attacked. I know who attacked me, I remember… Tina…"

After naming Tina, Ian lost consciousness again and the doctors rushed to revive him, leaving Kathy and viewers stunned.

They think there will be a twist and Tina isn’t responsible.

One wrote: "They’re really just gonna end it there. Come on."

A second said: "Anyone else thinking it’s Sharon?"

Another added: "After watching tonight’s I don’t think it’s any of the main suspects which they said it could be from Friday."

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