EastEnders: Peter Beale and Ash Panesar's shock romance revealed

EASTENDERS has teased a new romance between Ash Panesar and Peter Beale. 

Ash is currently dating Iqra Ahmed in the BBC One soap. But might she dump her for Peter? Here’s the lowdown…

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Are Ash and Peter going to strike up a romance in EastEnders?

It certainly seems like there could be romance on the cards for Peter and Ash as next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Ash agree to go to Dotty’s party when she hears that Peter will be attending.

At the party later, Iqra starts to feel left out pretty quickly as Ash hangs out with the others and sticks by Peter’s side. 

When barely anyone turns up, Peter, Ash, Tiffany and Keegan head to the call centre to start their own party, but Iqra stays back and tells Jean her worries about Ash.

The following day, viewers will see a hungover Ash in the cafe with Iqra.

Ash then makes an excuse about work before leaving to visit Habiba and Jags. 

Could there be a romance on the horizon for Ash and Peter or is there more to Ash’s behaviour than meets the eye?

With EastEnders keeping exact details shtum, viewers will have to tune in to find out.

What do we know about Ash’s relationship with Iqra?

EastEnders fans will know that Ash and Iqra’s relationship has been far from plain sailing after Ash arrived in the Square as Iqra’s girlfriend in 2019.

Their romance was thrown into doubt when Ash became secretive about her personal life, brushing off Iqra’s questions.

But it later emerged that Ash had a secret family – and that she’d cut them off after her mother disapproved of an abortion she’d had when she was 19.

The pair then came across another obstacle last year when Ash revealed a calculating side at one of Vinny’s crazy parties.

When Ash took control of the dangerous situation, a shocked Iqra admitted that she didn’t even know who Ash was anymore.

But Ash apologised and admitted that she loved Iqra – and the pair emerged stronger than ever. 

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