EastEnders fans fume as soap cancelled again for football in schedule shake-up

EastEnders fans are not happy with BBC bosses after discovering the soap has been cancelled once again to make way for a FA Cup football match.

The serial drama will not air on Thursday evening to facilitate for the game between Barnsey and Chelsea.

EastEnders usually airs every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week, but will not be shown tonight.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to vent about the show being hauled off-air in a scheduling shake-up.

One fan penned: "I’m lits so furious that #EastEnders isn’t on AGAIN tonight."

Another added: "FFS can't they put the footie somewhere else?"

A third posted: "No Enders again #EastEnders."

While a fourth social media user wrote: "Erm…theres no #EastEnders tonight!! I can't even blame a covid news update!! #bloomingfootball."

It's the second time this week the soap has been postponed in favour of a football match.

EastEnders was replaced with Manchester United's FA Cup fifth-round tie with West Ham on Tuesday evening.

BBC aired the soap on Wednesday instead.

However, there is some good news for EastEnders fans are they will receive a double helping on Friday.

Two consecutive episodes will air from 8.10pm until 9pm tomorrow evening.

Walford villain Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet) made a killer vow during Wednesday's episode after discovering the truth about his ex Denise Fox (Diane Parish).

Earlier this week, Denise agreed to help daughter Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams) set up Lucas on the Ibiza drug deal to get rid of him and dealer Caleb (Ben Freeman) at the same time.

However, Denise realised she'd have to come clean with Lucas after he revealed that he knew Chelsea was setting him up to take the fall.

She explained that Chelsea was under threat from drug boss Caleb, who'd threatened to kill if she didn't get the Ibiza job done as planned.

"I wasn't with a mate overnight," she said of her disappearance. "He's thrown me in the back of a van. He kept me locked up in the back of a warehouse."

Lucas realised that Caleb was also behind the recent attack on him, so he rushed out while Denise demanded to know where he was going.

"I'm going to find him and I'm going to kill him," Lucas vowed.

Will Lucas claim another victim?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Friday at 8.10pm

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