EastEnders Ben Mitchell in rape horror as marriage to Callum turns rocky

Things are about to take a turn for the worst for Ben Mitchell in EastEnders, as EastEnders spoilers can reveal that an unexpected encounter will quickly become fatal.

When Ben's husband Callum realises he told Lewis about his vigilante actions, Callum is fuming and the pair end up having a heated argument.

With tensions clearly running high, both men exchange some difficult words leaving them left wondering if this is the end of their relationship for good.

Later on, Ben is at The Queen Vic drowning his sorrows, while Callum is at home forced to cover when Lexi arrives for a sleepover and questions where Ben is.

Not in his right frame of mind, Ben spots Lewis on a dating app and decides to send him messages before meeting him for drinks that very evening.

Meanwhile back at home, Lexi makes Callum think again about his marriage.

But a drunk Ben has already taken things to the next level and is seen flirting with Lewis on their night out.

With The Albert shut, Lewis and Ben decide to continue their night by heading upstairs and one thing quickly starts to lead to another.

But as the couple start to get more intimate, Ben receives a selfie from Callum and Lexi, he has second thoughts and tries to leave but Lewis refuses to let him go and rapes him.

The following day, Sam spots Ben coming out of The Albert and winds him up about staying out all night.

Back at their flat, Callum is suspicious about Ben's whereabouts and when they do bump into Lewis, Lewis lies and says they were both out on the town last night.

Feeling shocked by what took place the night before, Ben confronts Lewis about his actions but Lewis tells him that he was the instigator.

While alone, Ben looks over his messages that were previously sent to Lewis but is spotted by Jay who is clearly unimpressed to see what Ben's been getting up to.

Later on, Callum tries to collect his thoughts but Sam passes by and teases him while letting him know he she saw Ben coming out of The Albert.

At their flat, with Callum feeling confused about everything, he bluntly asks Ben if he slept with Lewis and with Ben still processing his horrifying ordeal, he doesn’t deny it. Devastated, Callum walks out.

On Wednesday's episode, Kathy is surprised to hear from Stuart that Ben allegedly cheated on Callum but when she sees Jay’s reaction to the news, she quickly believes it to be true.

An annoyed Jay also confronts Ben about what happened while Callum decides to confront Lewis who reveals Ben initiated things with him on the dating app.

But as tensions begin to rise, will Ben have the courage to explain what happened that night?

If you have been affected by this story, contact Rape Crisis England & Wales for free confidential support and information on 08088029999 or their website or 08088010302 if you're calling from Scotland.

You can contact the Domestic and Sexual Abuse helpline on 0808 802 1414 if you are in Ireland.

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