Duchess of Cornwall recalls fathers touching method to help royal escape the real world

Camilla opens up about reading as a child

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In a clip shown on BBC’s The One Show, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla explained her love for reading and where it came from, sharing with viewers a story about her childhood. Talking about the launch of her reading project, which she hopes will inspire more people to pick up a book, the 74-year-old recalled her father reading to her and her siblings when she was a child.

Michelle Ackerley hosted the chat show alongside Jermaine Jenas on Wednesday, and she brought with her some exclusive insight into the royal “book club”.

“It’s great to have you with us, Michelle,” Jermaine said as he opened the show.

“It’s great to be here,” the TV presenter replied, as Jermaine explained: “You’ve actually come bearing gifts today, haven’t you?

“You’ve got a nice little film for us at The One Show.”

Elaborating on the intriguing tease, Michelle responded: “I have Jermaine, I thought it’s only polite to come delivering something.”

Jermaine, 38, quipped: “We need more presenters like you, I’ll be honest with you.”

The journalist explained: “Yesterday, The One Show gave me start-studded access to an incredible event it was at Clarence House, hosted by the Duchess of Cornwall, so I went along, it was lovely.”

Later in the show, Jermaine introduced the film featuring the royal.

He described the royal project as a book club, but one like no other.

“Clarence House is home to the Duchess of Cornwall, who is passionate about sharing her love of books,” Michelle noted.

The royal has set up The Reading Room, which sees her creating a list of books every few months, inviting members of the public to read along with her.

“Your Royal Highness, you’ve taken so much comfort from reading over the years,” the BBC host commented in the film.

“Where and when did it first start for you?”

The Duchess replied: “I had a father who was an avid reader when we were children, he used to sit at the end of our beds, and he used to read us stories every night.

“My sister, brother and I were transported into different worlds, really.

“You escape the real world, you get the magic of reading – that’s really where my love of books and reading came from.”

She added: “We’d like to get the reading room over to as many people as we possibly can, so with your help I hope we’ll manage that.”

Camilla’s father Bruce Shand, who died in 2006, was an army officer-turned-businessman.

Michelle described it as a “privilege” to be in a room full of authors, Hollywood actors and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Sticking with the theme of reading, The One Show presenters were also joined by international best-selling author John Grisham.

The One Show airs on weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.

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