Did Nina Lin Kill Bunny? The 'Only Murders In The Building' Theory Has Real Motive

We’re only a handful of episodes into Only Murders in the Building season 2, and the podcasting sleuths have settled on a prime suspect: Nina Lin, a pregnant resident of the Arconia with big plans for the building’s future. Did they already solve the murder? Was the old president killed by the new president? Who knew Only Murders In The Building was so political!

Nina Lin, played by Christine Ko, is a new character in season 2—though it’s implied that she was in the building throughout season 1. She is Bunny’s successor as board president of the Arconia. We learn in the third episode that Nina and Bunny went on daily walks to talk about the building’s various quirks and make the transition of power as seamless as possible. We also learned that new conflict arose on Bunny’s last day as board president… and her last day alive. So here’s what we know.

Here’s why it could have been Nina Lin

Here’s why it may not have been Nina Lin

Okay, so it’s impossible to say for certain at this stage whether Nina is the killer or not. But time will tell!! (My bet’s still on her being a red herring.)

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