Did Jinger Duggar Ditch Her Blonde Locks?

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have arrived in Los Angeles. There is one thing that seems to have been lost during the long road trip between the couple’s former hometown and their new digs – Jinger’s sassy blonde hair. The mother of one turned heads a few weeks back when she showed up on Instagram with a completely new look, but her most recent photos suggest that her blonde ‘do might be a thing of the past.

Why is Jinger dying her hair such a big deal?

When Jinger showed up on Instagram with golden locks, fans went wild. The change was a drastic one, and while the Duggar’s aren’t exactly against the idea of beauty products, Jinger’s new hair is the most extreme makeover fans have seen on one of the Duggar girls. 


Makeup is obviously acceptable to the Duggars, and each of the ladies in the family have curled, permed and crimped their hair to within an inch of its life at some point. The majority of them, however, have avoided extreme hair colors. 


Jinger’s new look was very clearly done by a professional, and it’s a massive deviation from her natural brunette hue. The new hair color, which looked terrific on the 25-year-old television personality, seemed a bit rebellious even for Jinger.

Is Jinger’s blonde hair gone?

Jinger shared a photo of herself holding Felicity on June 28. Wearing a ball cap, the mother of three informed her fans that she loves getting to know her daughter. The sentiment was sweet, but fans were more interested in what was going on underneath the reality TV stars hat.


The hair that was peaking out from underneath Jinger’s cap appeared to be dark again. Some fans wondered If she found out that blondes don’t actually have more fun and decided to go back to her natural color, but it seems there could be another explanation. One Reddit user noted that hair that is dyed using the balayage technique might appear dark when pulled back.


Balayage is a highlighting technique developed in the 1970s. According to L’Oréal, the process ditches the highlight cap and foil strips and instead paints the hair with a brush. Fans who have had the procedure done note that the underneath layer of the hair remains untouched by the dye.

Is Jinger the most rebellious Duggar?

Whether Jinger is keeping her golden hue or has gone back to her natural hair color, it is clear she is the most rebellious of the bunch. Jinger hasn’t been afraid to shy away from her strict upbringing since her marriage. She was the first Duggar lady to wear pants instead of skirts. She also waited to have a child until she was married for at least a year.


Her rebellious streak is nothing new, though. The 25-year-old photography enthusiast always seemed to have a bit more personality than her siblings. Her sarcastic facial expressions made her famous during her teen years. Now that she is married and off on her own, she seems to be letting her true self shine.

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