Denise Welch’s naughty habit that leaves people blushing exposed by co-star

Charlene White exposes Denise Welch’s Loose Women habit

On the most recent instalment of James Martin’s Saturday Morning, the 50-year-old had Loose Women’s Charlene White as a guest on the show.

As the chef prepared some fried chicken with a sticky sweet BBQ and cherry cola sauce, he spoke to Charlene about her diverse journalism career.

Along with regularly presenting news bulletins for ITV, she became a Loose Women panellist in 2021 alongside the likes of Ruth Langsford, Jane Moore, Kaye Adams and Judi Love.

And when speaking about the typical show with James Martin, Charlene confessed her co-star Denise Welch gets up to some cheeky antics during the ad breaks.

Touching on his Loose Women appearances in the past, James said: “It’s the scariest show in the world!”

As Charlene laughed, dismissing his claims, James told viewers that initially, researchers call to explain what they want you to speak about, although it never goes to plan.

He revealed: “They go off on a tangent and talk about something else.

“I’m sat there going, ‘I’m supposed to be promoting my book and they’re on about something completely different’.”

Confessing she finds the concept of the show amazing as it gives people the opportunity to get involved in certain conversations, James admitted she has the best part on the panel.

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He said: “You’re steering a ship but you’re relying on the other lot to be quite-”

Interrupting, Charlene questioned: “Quite what? Find your words.”

Confessing the others can be truthful, he tried to move the conversation on, although Charlene wasn’t letting him get away so easily.

She asked: “Are you blushing James, you seem a bit flustered.”

He replied: “Some of the subjects I will speak to you about off camera because I know what goes on on that show. You know exactly what goes on.

“We have these cue cards, when they have an ad break, one of them writes it down, has probably done the same to you, and just goes like that (slides it across discreetly).”

Charlene admitted: “Denise Welch does that to me.”

After stating that he wasn’t going to expose which Loose Women star he was speaking about, James confirmed that’s who he was alluding to.

He quipped: “It makes you blush as well!”

Speaking about when she’s sat next to Denise, Charlene added: “This is what she’ll do, a random story about someone and she’ll just write it on a card and hand it to me about 20 seconds before we come back from the ad break.

“I’ll be like, ‘Oh my gosh!’. She’ll be absolutely killing herself laughing and then I have to go, ‘Welcome back’.

The cheeky off-camera revelation comes ahead of the ITV show going on tour for the first time.

As Charlene teased that people attending may get to see a different side to them that they can’t show on daytime TV.

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