Cruel abuse, Carla's shocking decision, sex shock and 7 more Corrie spoilers

All the latest drama in Coronation Street can be revealed as the return of Carla Connor (Alison King) leads to a huge shock for the factory staff – and Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) while Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) continues to fall victim to controlling abuse – but will Alya (Sair Khan) work out what is going on?

Meanwhile, Maria Connor’s (Samia Longchambon) quest for love leads her into awkward situations while Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) has an idea on how to avoid jail but it leads to a vicious fight between him and David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) which just makes everything worse.

Here are the latest spoilers:

10 Corrie spoilers

  • Alya is shocked when she sees Geoff drop Yasmeen’s stolen bracelet.
  • Nick tells Leanne he takes rash action because of his brain injury.
  • Carla returns and makes a shocking announcement.
  • Ali casts admiring glances at Maria, but she’s oblivious.
  • Sean is attacked in the ginnel after falling out with Paul.
  • David and Nick come to blows after David realises he plans to lie in court.
  • Geoff manipulates Yasmeen into turning down a return to work.
  • Maria is mortified when she puts Netflix and Chill on her dating profile and doesn’t realise what it means.
  • Carla implores Peter to support her idea.
  • David and Nick face their fate in court.

Monday 1st July Part One

Yasmeen is horrified when she finds that her jewellery is missing and Geoff is quick to point out that Alya’s DJ mates could be behind the theft. Alya is mortified and offers to pay Yasmeen back but then spots Geoff dropping one of the missing bracelets.

Nick tries to build bridges with Audrey but is reminded that he is in breach of his bail conditions. But Leanne tries to persuade her to come along for her birthday get together. Maria takes Liam to the surgery and Ali casts her admiring glances.

Sarah is worried when Adam tells her that Carla is coming home. Sean’s hurt when Paul sends an immature text from his phone to his date.

Monday 1st July Part Two

Nick is furious to find that Leanne has been left on her own for her birthday drinks and he angrily blames David and gets into a fight with him. Later, Nick confides in Leanne that he sometimes takes rash actions due to his head injury.

Alya and Ryan accuse Geoff but he proves that he bought the bracelet but he says if he isn’t going to be trusted then he will just move out. Sarah tells the workers that Carla is due back while Sean and Paul continue to snipe while Maria sets up a dating profile.

Wednesday 3rd July Part One

Carla arrives back with Peter and is lucid as she moves back in to Roy’s. As Peter heads off to an AA meeting, Carla calls a meeting with the factory staff at the community centre and makes a shocking announcement.

Maria is stunned by the nature of her dating app responses until Bethany informs her what the phrase ‘Netflix and Chill’ actually means. David tries to play Nick at his own game after hearing about his new plan.

Geoff persuades Yasmeen to let him help her look after her finances and then he makes a grand gesture by replacing Kal’s picture. Sean blames Paul for the disastrous nature of his date.

Wednesday 3rd July Part Two

Maria has a drink with Ali and moans about her lack of love life but when he casually comments that the person she is looking for could be right under her nose, she fails to take the hint. Paul is irked to have to spend time with Sean.

Peter is worried about Carla’s decision and she is annoyed when she hears him talking to Roy about trying to get power of attorney. She implores him to support her choice now that she has realised what is important.

Shona tries to talk David out of lying in court while Geoff tells Yasmeen that he has saved her money on her house insurance – but accidentally gave his own bank account details for the jewellery payout.

Friday 5th July Part One

Sean clocks Billy with a dodgy mate in Victoria Gardens and when he later spots him present Billy with expensive headphones, he is suspicious when the charity box from the medical centre goes missing.

Gail arranges a discussion with the family but as David and Nick bicker, the meeting descends into chaos. Nick is outraged when he finds out what Carla has done while Geoff suggests Yasmeen is too old to be taking on more work and Steve heads to make Tiny over as a unicorn.

Friday 5th July Part Two

It’s David and Nick’s day in court and Audrey is horrified when she realies that Gail has abandoned her in favour of going to support her sons. Paul is furious when the police ask him about the stolen money and Sean admits he told Moira he thought it was him. Later, in the ginnel, Sean is punched to the ground.

Carla apologises to Kate for everything anf they embrace while Peter tries to get shifts at the bistro to keep Carla occupied. Geoff is satisfied when Yasmeen turns down the extra work while Steve shows Michael pictures of Tiny as a unicorn and Michelle buries the hatchet with Maria.

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