Countryfile confirms death of guest after heartwarming moment

Countryfile announces death of guest who appeared on show

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Former Strictly Come Dancing star Helen Skelton headed to the Peak District to join Pete, a shareholder in the local pub, who was also known as a local climbing legend. The Countryfile host explained: “When he’s not in his favourite chair at the pub, local climbing legend Pete can be found dangling from rocks like these.” Helen went on to learn how to climb with Pete and his friends, Olly and Crystal.

In the segment, which was filmed in January 2020, Helen was seen climbing with Pete before reaching the top.

She told Pete: “As you get up, it gets slightly easier. It’s more of a challenge at the bottom.”

“I thought you did good there, that was good,” Pete replied.

The host went on to ask: “Do I qualify for Tuesday club?” to which Pete confirmed: “Yes you do.”

“I tell you what, you get some good views from up here, Pete,” Helen noted.

“How do you celebrate, how do you warm up?”

Pete smiled: “Go for a pint. In my pub, The Angler’s Rest.”

Helen hugged Pete as she told him: “Pete, you’re a joy, thank you so much.”

As the climbing segment came to an end, a shot of the pub was shown as Ellie Harrison was heard confirming his death.

She explained: “Sadly, since filming, Pete has passed away but his rock climbing adventures continue to inspire..”

Pete was seen laughing with friends in the pub before the BBC show moved onto the next segment.

Elsewhere in the episode, viewers were furious it was a “clothing special” with many asking why the show no longer focussed on rural issues.

Ellie was in Kettering where she was putting her outdoor clothing to the test.

She learned more about new materials and research to keep those working and spending time outdoors, warm and safe.

Ellie told viewers: “I’m pushing outdoor clothing to the limit with a series of punishing tests.”

BBC viewers were unimpressed with these tests however, and took to Twitter to complain.

“#countryfile has pretty much become #TheOneShow but in cagoules and wellies,” raged @cazzerbooth.

@SportingLife19 pleaded: “#countryfile needs a new title! Depressing.”

“Oh great. I rush around to be ready for #countryfile, only to find out that it’s going to be another sodding ‘greatest hits’ episode,” complained Nigel Rollings.

Countryfile airs Sunday on BBC One from 6pm.

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