Could [Redacted] Be Gone From the MCU Forever After the Events of 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'?

We expected that Spider-Man: Far From Home would be a fun romp, a visually enchanting flick, and would at least address the events of Avengers: Endgame. It did all of that and much more. But what we didn’t expect was what may be the final appearance of one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most beloved characters. Is it the end for this hero? Let’s find out. (A few big spoilers ahead!)

He was an important part of Far From Home

In Far From Home, Nick Fury was responsible for bringing Peter into the mission involving Quentin Beck. Right off the back, it was obvious to keen viewers that Fury wasn’t quite himself — but there really wasn’t any time to think about it. We were too distracted by the reveal that Mysterio isn’t who he says he is.

Throughout the film, we see Fury (both as an illusion and in person) as he works to help Peter defeat his new enemy. But he doesn’t have that much interaction with anyone, other than Maria Hill, his second-in-command. In the end, he plays a key role in saving the day, though not as much as you might expect.

But this is what the post-credit scene revealed

Given how off he was, it wasn’t terribly surprising for many when the second post-credit scene revealed that the Fury we saw wasn’t Fury at all. Rather, it’s Talos the Skrull portraying him, while another of his species whom we met in Captain Marvel, Soren, has borrowed the likeness of Hill.

So what was Fury doing while Talos was struggling to keep the remaining Avenger afloat on Earth? At first, it looks as though he’s enjoying a much-deserved beach vacation. But the scene in front of him changes, and the camera pulls back to reveal that Fury is now commanding Talos’ Skrull ship. 

Could Fury be gone from the MCU forever?

With Fury ignoring Talos’ calls, it begs the question: Is Fury retired from his SHIELD duties? The organization is, undoubtedly, not around in anything close to its original form, and with the original Avengers dead, retired, and/or scattered around the known universe, maybe he’s ready to try something new.

We’re doubtful that this is the last we’ll ever see of the beloved character, though. Even if Samuel L. Jackson didn’t love playing him (which he totally does), Marvel is likely planning that he’ll have at least a few cameos in the films to come. Or maybe (we hope) he’ll play a significant part in Captain Marvel 2. Whatever the case, we’re pretty sure he’s sticking around.

These other characters are definitely gone

Of course, not everyone can stick around for good. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any real stakes — and besides, these are talented actors. They need to try out new roles. Here are the characters who definitely aren’t coming back.

Robert Downey Jr. is effectively done playing Tony Stark. We thought we might catch a new scene, either a flashback or something else, in Far From Home, but no dice. Chris Evans has moved on, and we don’t think we’ll be seeing Old Man Cap around. And Quentin Beck is almost certainly dead — though that doesn’t mean there won’t ever be another Mysterio.

The fate of these heroes is uncertain

But what about the rest of the MCU? A third Guardians of the Galaxy film is in the works (and it definitely won’t be called Asgardians of the Galaxy, even if Thor is in it). There are also plenty of new heroes on the horizon, including Shang-Chi and the Eternals.

There are a few others we may or may not see again. Doctor Strange 2 is likely, but not confirmed. The time for an Incredible Hulk sequel is long-since passed, though Professor Hulk could appear in another Thor movie (starring Valkyrie, we hope). There are plenty of others, but we’ll just have to keep watching for who is up next.

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