Corrie’s Mollie Gallagher sparks concern on Loose Women over harrowing storyline

On Monday’s episode of Loose Women Coronation Street star, Mollie Gallagher joined the ladies via video link to discuss her harrowing hate crime storyline.

Talking openly to the Loose Women panellist, Mollie said the role was "heartbreaking" to play.

As the actress discussed the role further, Panellist Nadia Sawalha asked the Corrie star, how she's able to switch off and disconnect from playing the role of Nina, as it such a harrowing storyline.

Mollie explained: "I mean it’s something that I do find quite hard.

"As an actor, I absolutely love playing these characters and I absolutely love playing Nina and I do get really attached to her.

"Because the storyline is so important and I am very passionate about it and I’ve put so much effort into it, hopefully that shows and stuff."

She admitted: "I do find it really hard to disconnect."

"You’re always thinking about it and how awful it is, you’re filming quite a lot you know, so you’re kind of always learning lines, you’re always rehearsing so yeah, it kind of never really leaves me."

Nadia responded: "I feel for you with that, you’ve got to look after yourself with that because obviously you’re such a good actress and an empath and you’re taking it all in.

"It’s good because you have a lot of older actors there that can give you advice, because you got to be able to switch off don’t you."

Mollie who plays Nina on the street was involved in a malicious attack, which led to the unexpected death of her boyfriend Seb Franklin.

On Friday’s episode of Corrie, viewers were left devastated when they discovered Seb would not survive after sustaining harrowing injuries from the gang assault.

The actresses' storyline is based on real-life events that took place in 2007. Sophie Lancaster was killed in a hate crime due to her gothic appearance.

Coronation Street have worked closely with Sophie's mother Sylvia to depict the story and bring the harrowing events that happened to her daughter to screen.

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